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  1. Is that a lot of fans for the Yorkshire Men’s League?
  2. Do you get many people watching your games? I remember Goole FC used to bring a decent following to South Liverpool in the old NPL days (that is the extent of my Goole knowledge!).
  3. If P&R is done away with permanently I’m done with Super League.
  4. I remember hearing an interview with one of your founders in a Podcast a couple of years ago, can’t remember which one mind you. How are things going, have you got good player numbers etc?
  5. Would be great to see Fiji (and/or Samoa) reach the same standard as Tonga, it would really liven the international game up.
  6. Most people do the job that pays the most in my experience, why wouldn’t they.
  7. I can’t imagine there are any SL clubs who wouldn’t want him.
  8. They have got a coach lined up (please don’t ask why they aren’t able to announce who) and they can’t play games this season so obviously won’t be signing any players. Next season though they have the challenge cup and a series of friendly matches, then the year after league one.
  9. Anyone putting serious money in will want to know who is putting serious money in? I imagine they do! As I have explained though they aren’t obliged to tell the general public.
  10. Some people don’t like their financial interests to be splashed about. For example some people make a big show when they give money to charity while others quietly go about it privately, and likewise these people probably don’t want their financial dealings read out in a podcast. I certainly wouldn’t if I was them. Anyway, specifics around who is financing it aside it all sounds really positive to me.
  11. Have you listened yet? Go to 33 minutes.
  12. We’re going round in circles so will have to agree to disagree
  13. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/anchor-podcasts/chasing-kangaroos/e/74611979
  14. You’re asking the wrong person.
  15. I don’t know and I don’t really care, why would I want to know what individuals or sponsors are putting money in - it doesn’t matter one bit as long as they are doing so.
  16. I find it credible without that, have a listen.
  17. Don’t know he didn’t name names, why would he?
  18. I know I started a thread based on a podcast yesterday and I really don’t want to make a habit of it, but this week’s Chasing Kangaroos might be of interest to some of you. It’s an interview with Ricky Wilby. No doubt there is a lot of scepticism from people on this forum but what they’re doing sounds so positive. They’re already working with local schools to get the game played there and will have four full time development officers. They also intend to have a number of Americans in the squad right from the off. https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/anchor-podcasts/chasing-kangaroos/e/74611979
  19. Basically about the financial problems, how to get the league playing again, other ideas to generate income and interest. They’re both clubs that I’d love to see in the Championship.
  20. Yes. I assume you have something asinine to say about him?
  21. I’ve just listened to the latest episode of the Full Eighty Minutes podcast, basically a long interview with the CEO of Donny and General Manager if Newcastle Thunder, lots about the issues facing League One (and all) RL clubs at the moment. Worth a listen if you like that sort of thing.
  22. We were backpackers in our 20s and didn’t have much money so def didn’t do anything on Harleys, but yeah we went to the market area and canal. There was a deeply disappointing waterfall as well as I recall. Quebec City was great though, like being in France.
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