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  1. Don’t understand the question mate, do you mean who’s expense if Ottawa decide to stop now? If so then whoever’s piled money in already, but considering SL are unlikely to let them in they’d be better off doing that now, not that I want them to I’d love to see them playing.
  2. It would be good if they said how many tickets have been sold (or applied for in the case of ballots needed) so far. I’d have expected the final to oversubscribed for example but am thinking now that it won’t be, unless 40,000 Londoner millennials who’ve never been to a RL game before have bought tickets.
  3. Should be straight into the championship. Though if I was them I’d be cutting my losses now.
  4. This doesn’t actually say how many tickets have been ordered does it? It could actually mean that 5,000 tickets have been booked by Londoners for the Arsenal semi final and only 4,000 tickets have been booked for all the rest of the games. Obviously it doesn’t mean that but those stats offer little context for what’s actually happened.
  5. Agreed, and it’s for old codgers too, young people just want to play FIFA and go on Tik Tok or whatever it’s called.
  6. From what (limited highlights and stuff on YouTube) I’ve seen Elite 1 is as good as L1 already, I certainly wouldn’t advocate the best Elite 1 team having to go into L1 if they joined our system.
  7. Well yeah, that will take millions, but if someone’s got that to chuck at big city rugby league in France then good on them.
  8. Sounds good for the English system but if two of the strongest Elite 1 teams left to join the Championship where would that leave them?
  9. Thanks @barnyia , shame there’s no Villeneuve jerseys (just windcheaters). Who are RCLA?
  10. Yes I know they contributed to Spurs’ ground, but do you really think that would have been built if it wasn’t for Spurs? They play two (loss making) games of NFL in it a year. Also regarding a UK franchise, most UK based fans already support a team and most wouldn’t switch to the new team. I support the Chiefs (have done for years because of Sloth off the Goonies) and I certainly wouldn’t start supporting a London team if one moved over here.
  11. Why do you say they’re the fans choice?
  12. NFL is big here (and I love it) but in reality there’s been talk of a franchise for 20 years and it hasn’t happened yet, the London games are great but are loss making for the NFL, there won’t be a stadium built for it and the grass roots game is minority niche, like korfball. Other than that, yes I agree.
  13. I thought Rochdale were on the way up when Mazey took over, he talked a really good game about helping the local Amateur scene etc. Hopefully he’ll be able to once Covid is done.
  14. You honestly think they have a vision for the game? If they did it would probably amount to getting as many West Yorkshire clubs in as possible to save on travel costs - so actually yeah you may be right about Bradford.
  15. I don’t agree or disagree with your politics, I just don’t know why you insist on trying to bring into the context of RL, which to me is just a great game not a political matter. I couldn’t care less who anyone votes for and think sports and politics should be kept well apart. I won’t raise the issue again though.
  16. This has got nothing to do with Brexit or who each town’s MP is, or Donald Trump either before you try to link it to him.
  17. Can’t see the likes of Wakey or HKR going with that (unless you believe the charade of this being an independent decision).
  18. There’ll be one team on all 7 bits of paper if that happens. Anyway isn’t it fewer than 7 now, Halifax have certainly pulled out.
  19. I think London are the reason they put the average gate requirement at a pathetically low 2k, plus they can point to expansion if they go with them. I’d absolutely love to see a thriving Bradford back in SL but given that they have nowhere to play and haven’t challenged for promotion on the pitch for some time I can’t see it happening, the likes of Leigh and Fev could quite rightly kick off if it did.
  20. It’s classic that the applications forms went out and applications welcomed before the criteria were established. I have zero confidence that SL have any sensible plan or know what they’re doing with this. And for the record if you could bet on it I’d be backing London as the one they’ll choose.
  21. Didn’t they fold because they weren’t financially viable, not killed off by the NRL.
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