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  1. So you think the skint RFL should buy it but have no idea what it would cost?
  2. How much do you think the stadium would cost, out of interest?
  3. Or the funds, how much money do you think the RFL have?
  4. I think it would cost far too much sadly. Anyway Wigan Athletic won’t go out of business, they’re too big for that.
  5. Two teams to go then. My money is on Oslo and Vienna.
  6. Venice away, that’s one RL trip that your bird would want to join you on.
  7. Erm yes, though I didn’t watch the whole games, did they announce the attendances? Looked like there were about 5,000 at the final and 2,500 at the other game.
  8. Thanks. Any idea what sort of attendances domestic games get?
  9. Does anyone on this forum have any experience of RL in New Zealand? I was defending RL earlier and after being told it was only really a sport in the North of England and parts of Australia, I obviously quoted PNG but didn’t really know what to say about the domestic game in NZ. Other than the international side and the Warriors, is the much by way of a domestic league, clubs, kids and women’s game etc? I have googled it but there isn’t that much info about it? Wikipedia certainly doesn’t have much up to date info. Thanks
  10. http://www.worldrugbyleague.org
  11. I’m not talking about World Rugby League, it’s irrelevant. I agree it would be better to organise it within the sport, but that wasn’t happening so someone is trying to make it happen, what’s wrong with that? Glad to hear you have no objections to the teams taking part though ?
  12. Del Capo - what is your objection to people entering a competition which a, they’ll enjoy and b, they think will help them progress as a club?
  13. It’s not breaking away from anything. As far as I’m aware the RFL don’t have jurisdiction over Europe and the RLEF have failed to provide any sort of competition so far, they organise (a few small) international competitions not club competitions. If the RLEF were doing anything of this nature already then I’d agree it’s a breakaway, but they aren’t. As people have pointed out (as a negative), many of the clubs don’t have any teams to play in their own countries so why would you deny them the right to participate in this competition, and why should they have to ask permission from an organisation that has so far done nothing for them?
  14. Breakaway from what, the existing European league ?
  15. No idea, I can’t stand cricket.
  16. There is a Euro cricket league though, it was on Freesports as I was flicking through a few weeks ago and was literally being played in a park. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_European_Cricket_League
  17. The comparison is that they are both new ideas (not great for some RL people I know) and they’re being funded by private individuals (again incomprehensible it seems). If this was happening in football or cricket, or any other sport, nobody would raise an eyebrow.
  18. It’s obviously not a coincidence and so what if the person behind the Moldovan team knows the people organising the tournament? Do you think that in sport, business and life in general things don’t happen because people know people?
  19. I bet you couldn’t believe anyone was going to fund TWP either, but they did.
  20. Sounds exciting! Do you live in Central America then? Also have you got any juniors or women playing as well as the men’s teams?
  21. Thanks for sharing this Pulga. Just being nosey here, what is your involvement in this and what are playing numbers like in those countries? Do you really think RL can get established in Central America? Good luck with it anyway!
  22. Abroad from the UK possibly, but what I’m saying is not all the games will require flights or even hotels. Even if it is £10k, then obviously there is someone or people prepared to invest it. I don’t know why you’re so desperate to question that. Just because you wouldn’t want to doesn’t mean others don’t, the world of sport is littered with people prepared to pay to make things happen, there would be no professional sport without them.
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