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  1. Liverpool agent Rafa : mission nearly accomplished.
  2. We, Tottenham won the Cup in 1962, and 1982, so a year ending in 2, got be our year this year, assuming after beating Brighton we draw Hartlepool, Kidderminster and Boreham Wood in 5th round, QF and SF. BTW why do Boreham Wood call themselves that when they play in Borehamwood. ( one word) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meadow_Park_(Borehamwood)
  3. Really Really Really hope it doesn't happen, but Arsenal wearing kit to protest against violence, and enraged Arsenal moron fan stabs someone, would be ultimate irony.
  4. Oh dear Arsenal are out . I am , hang on,(sniffs onion) I'm in tears.
  5. Alan Shearer putting a brave face on Newcastle's Cambridge disaster was priceless. Kidderminster through too, MOTD a must see tonight.
  6. Yes, soccer, there's at least 4 international windows per season, maybe 5, two weeks at a time. Players from Europe leave to play all over the world, including Australia, Sth America, Asia etc. The clubs have to release players or FIFA ban them from representing clubs for 5 days after the international window ends. That's the nub of the problem with international RL, no powerful governing body enforcing the international calendar.
  7. You watch a lot of non league football, do they do something similar there, no of course not, lack of money isn't an excuse.
  8. So why would club doctors risk exaggerating covid to help their clubs get a postponement. That is what is apparently feared by SL. Assuming honesty and integrity at clubs, asking for a postponement must be assumed genuine and punishment is just plain wrong .
  9. I don't know if this could happen, but instead of trying to get a game called off by exaggerating covid ,could a club fearing a 48-0 defeat and no points in a vital game, ignore positive tests to play the game and therefore spreading it more. Isn't it better to have a punishment free environment to encourage teams to reveal covid thus slowing the spread.
  10. I understand that in a world Cup year it's difficult to extend season, and unlike football you can't really cram in two games a week due to recovery time needed, but if a team has to fit in an extra midweek game, then their Friday game could be played on Thurs instead and the extra game on Tuesday and the following weekend match put back to Sunday, so it is possible. But even in the worst case scenario if the covid is genuine and the game cannot be played because of nobody's fault then do as they do in cricket when a game is rained off, one point each, score 0-0 as to not grossly effect table.
  11. You just have to study medical proof given by clubs to judge if it's genuine. The EFL and PL do this, and testing is still carried out there, but not on day of game. The inference here is that even with a genuine reason you forfeit the game 48-0 ,not even try to rearrange game. So if covid stops Toulouse travelling or visitors to France, and leads to say 3 games cancelled, that could relegate them at the end of the season.
  12. This has to be a joke, how can you punish clubs because of covid like this. Punishment should only be if the club in question is careless and disregarded covid protocols. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/59884125
  13. Will Newcastle but their way out of trouble? Money talks; Darren Farley, love him , check out his YouTube channel guys.
  14. I fear this could be one season too many for Burnley, great job Dyche has done, but I can't really see three teams worse then them. Norwich definitely, probably Watford too, but at least they can score plenty, it's their defense that Ranieri needs to fix. Looks like Norwich plus two from Burnley, Watford, Newcastle and Southampton and I feel Newcastle will buy their way out of trouble this month. Dyche deserves a bigger club and I feel next season he'll be in PL but not with Burnley. Rafa out maybe and Dyche in. Anyway, Liverpool special agent Rafa doing a great job.
  15. Which counts for zilch if all he's on is an ego trip and pushing his sports company , ask NUFC fans, left them certainties for relegation, until the Saudis rescued them, which I expect they'll do.
  16. I'd no idea RL stars went on Soccer AM, but then again it's not possible for me to watch it, I haven't had my brain removed.
  17. 21 points, so yes they'd be OK, and hoping for the play offs.
  18. Championship looks interesting, very open as usual, Bournemouth probably favourites for title but they've been slipping lately, and hats off to Tony Mowbray at Blackburn . My prediction is Bournemouth and Fulham automatic promotion but no idea for play off winner. Pos. Team Pl. GD. Pts. 1 AFC Bournemouth 25 21 49 2 Fulham 23 32 45 3 Blackburn 24 15 45 4 West Brom 24 12 41 5 Middlesbrough 25 5 39 6 Huddersfield 25 3 39 7 QPR 23 6 38 8 Stoke 23 4 35 9 Nottm Forest 25 4 34 10 Coventry 23 2 34 11 Millwall 23 1 33 As for relegation, Derby obviously, though Rooney is surprisingly looking good managerial material. Barnsley looking like relegation certainties, then any of about 7 others. 12 Sheff Utd 22 1 32 13 Blackpool 25 -6 30 14 Luton 22 4 29 15 Preston North End 22 -4 28 16 Swansea 22 -5 27 17 Birmingham 23 -8 27 18 Bristol City 24 -10 27 19 Hull 23 -8 23 20 Cardiff 23 -17 22 21 Reading 22 -7 21 22 Peterborough 23 -24 19 23 Barnsley 24 -20 14 24 Derby 24 -1 10
  19. The Norwich fans have basically bought into the philosophy that Delia and Co. are offering, that is Premier League every other year, alternating with exciting promotions from the championship. They get about 28,000 every game, and that'll probably remain so. The fans ain't daft, they know Norwich cannot spend really big, if it goes wrong that's the club down the swanee for years. As Gary Neville said, and I agree, the Premier league standard is very high these days, there's no real easy games, except poor old Norwich, and it's difficult to stay up, unless you have a genius manager like Bielsa or a crop of really good young talent. BTW, I wonder if Leigh fans were offered 5 promotions and 5 relegations in the next ten years , would they happily accept that.
  20. Harry Stottle on the football thread!! Shurely shome mishtake, happy new year to all.
  21. The difference of course is the money. 100million for a season in PL, then subsequent parachute payments. Really wouldn't surprise me if Norwich were in the top 40 richest clubs in England. And as Norwich never spend enough to stay up, it's up, down, up, down etc My prediction is Norwich will be in PL, seasons '23-'24, '25-'26, '27-'28 ad infinitum . Edit - Norwich are rated 30th richest in England, not in top 50 Europe.
  22. Christmas Dinner with Stevie G and guests. Secret Santa;
  23. No, the yawnion teams came to covid infested U.K. and France and the games got played. Their rationale was, some in the U.K. are still getting covid so hey we may get it, and we need rest before the all important pre season games, oh and we don't run the RLWC so no thanks. Perhaps Covid will all be gone by October 2022, see you then. Unless the NRL hire clairvoyants who knew Omicron was coming, and then of course didn't tell anyone.
  24. Hmm, okay I'll assume you rarely watch football, it's off season so you're giving it a go, fair enough. I've not seen a team outplay Liverpool like this this season. They're carving through them in midfield almost at will. What they don't have is a Salah, or Mane up front, and the reds goalkeeper has been exceptional, apart from Spurs 2nd goal.
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