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  1. On that criteria I would only consider Roby from S.L.
  2. Flip a coin and then back against Warriors winning 4 on the trot on a lovely sunny afternoon at Suncorp. It never fails!!
  3. They are going for 4 wins on the trot which is a huge winning streak for them these days.
  4. Logical deduction as he was at least 30 metres adrift of his position. Can we eliminate Saints from the last 8?
  5. The replay of the catch by Bird in the in goal shows that Manu was blatantly escorted from competing for the catch and it should have been an Easts penalty. Bunker completely missed that.
  6. Tedesco nowhere to be seen at fullback to defend that.
  7. Lovely sunny suburban ground in Toowoomba for the game with a covid capacity today of 7000. Tedesco really involved today running nearly 200 metres and involved in all 3 tries. With Keighran out of the game he has also took over the goal kicking duties after Taukeiaho missed 2 attempts.
  8. 76 Mins Kennedy over near the posts. Trindall converts. Tigers 20 Sharks 46. 78 Mins Moylan and Trindall put Katalo over for try number 2. Unconverted. 50 up for Cronulla. Bye bye Tigers for season 2021. Cronulla move into the top 8. Mulitalo has suspected broken jaw. FULL TIME . TIGERS 20 SHARKS 50.
  9. 70 mins. Moylan makes a break and puts Metcalf over for his second, Trinall converts. Tigers 20 Sharks 40.
  10. 67 Mins. Tuilagi gets over from a crash play. Unconverted. Tigers 20 Sharks 34. It's a tryathon currently!
  11. 64 Mins. Talau over near the corner. Doueihi converts. Tigers 16 Sharks 34.
  12. 56 Mins. Kennedy over near the posts after Tigers squander 1st tackle possession. Converted by Trindall. 58 mins. Ball steal sees Maumalo over converted by Doueihi . Tigers 10 Sharks 28. 60 mins. Milton over for Cronulla after high bomb near posts and Trindall converts Tigers 10 Sharks 34.
  13. 45 mins. Mulitalo runs through 60 metres through the Tigers defence and hands Metcalf his debut try converted by Trindall. Tigers 4 Sharks 22.
  14. Trindall attempts a 2 point FG but fails. HALF-TIME. Tigers 4 Sharks 16.
  15. 35 Mins. Mulitalo over again and runs around behind the posts. Trindall converts. Tigers 4 Sharks 16.
  16. 25 Mins. Ronaldo Mulitalo in at the corner. Unconverted. Tigers 4 - Sharks 10.
  17. 10 Mins. Trindall puts Katoa over in the corner and converts Tigers 4 - Sharks 6.
  18. Lovely warm sunny day in Rockhampton today. 4 mins. Chee Kam scores. Doueihi misses conversion. Tigers 4- Sharks 0.
  19. They are certain to meet in Week 1 of the finals as they will finish 2nd and 3rd with nearest challengers 8 points behind.
  20. Fancy Raiders from here unless Manly pull their socks up. They look a mid-table team tonight without Turbo Tom.
  21. Against Sharks for breaking early-knew that option was in the rules. Ref then says if Sharks do it again it will be a sin bin. They do with at least 2 breaking early and nothing happens- never knew the repeat scrum sin bin rule existed though.
  22. Lovely sunny conditions at Redcliffe for the match. After 10 mins it is 6-6. 14 mins. Warriors 12- Bulldogs 6.
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