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  1. The new owner has bought the soccer club and the Stadium Management Company(SMC). The council continue to own the stadium and when the stadium was built in 2002 gave SMC a 50 year lease. The new owner will carry on with that lease. Hull FC in 2002 signed a 25 years lease to use the stadium which will finish in 2027. They can then go down the route of building their own ground if they so choose. Hull FC problems were due to a toxic relationship developing between the respective owners and led to the Hull owner speculating about moving away from the MKM stadium. Talks have yet to commence between the 2 owners on any unresolved problems due to shared occupancy of the stadium.
  2. The new stadium to be built at Penrith by season 2025 is tipped to blow other RL grounds out of the water! Unfortunately I will have permanently moved far away from the area by then so will never experience being there.
  3. Penrith Panther Apisai Koroisau departs for Wests in season 2023.
  4. Think you need to re-visit the sentence 3 from the top G!
  5. Was having lunch at the Penrith Leagues club yesterday and there on an adjacent table as part of a player reunion was a group of 6 ex-Penrith players all kitted out in their old Penrith gear. Among them Tim Sheens, Royce Simmons and the current Penrith recruitment manager Jim Jones. Had a little 5 minute chat with the group and Jones indicated that Penrith were having trouble keeping below their forward salary cap and Kikau was an obvious casualty. He was not overly ambitious about how they would go in 2022 saying a top 6 position would be satisfactory and for the future would be relying on their own youth pathways with one or two country signings. I kicked off the initial conversation by saying that the first Penrith match I watched marked the home debut of Stevo and Bill Ashurst which sparked Sheens into life as he talked about them and other UK players. I asked him who he rated as the best English forward to come out to Aus and without hesitation he nominated Mal Reilly.
  6. Some goods points there Harry but who would I select to coach my individuals team? Perhaps someone who played or been good enough to play at international level.Maybe someone who has played in an Ashes series win and then gone on to coach an Ashes series win. Or how about someone who had played with, mentored and coached the player that had the aforementioned Ashes winning double? My coach would be British, ambitious,strong on personal management, highly innovative and possibly had experienced adversity in his life. Also he would have played and coached for a club side and taken them from lower mid-table to multiple league champions and CC finals within a decade of starting at the club. Any ideas?
  7. Had just arrived in Australia (late 1968) and went to all 3 games. Reilly,Watson and Millward came to Aus after that tour and Dave Bolton was already here when I arrived playing for Balmain. Game 3 at the SCG was the most excited I have been at a RL match in the win that clinched the Ashes. We had been walloped in the first in Brisbane, although we did win the fights that took place with Cliff Watson taking on the Aussie pack. The match was written up as the Battle of Brisbane! Would have loved to have seen the 1962 series in Aus. as it was a super strong squad and included quite a few who made my best individual team.
  8. Here goes. Best team is from the My best team is the Ashes GB team in 1959 which won the decider to be the last time the Ashes were won by GB in the UK. Round. Southward, Ashton, Fox, Sullivan. Bolton, Stevenson. Wilkinson,Harris,Terry. Robinson, McTigue. Whiteley. Best individual players for my team. Davies. Boston, Ward, Ashton, Offiah. Hanley, Murphy. Watson, Egan, Gee. Huddart, McTigue. Reilly.
  9. Been in Aus. for over 50 years and I would select Mal over Ellery. Some pundits have him he as the best English forward to play in Australia. I will have a crack at the best GB/England side later which will be so difficult as I have watched for nearly 75 years and seen many great players that played in the same position.
  10. Loved the match enormously and congratulations to the St Helens side for a hard fought win and to Catalans for their valiant effort - also to the 10 of 89 tipsters who correctly forecast the margin at the start of the thread. My special award goes to Jack Welsby who during every match that has been shown live in Aus. throughout this season has been the only player, without fail, to play the ball correctly by getting to his feet, placing the ball on the ground and then playing it back with his foot. An amazing achievement!
  11. It was a risk taking on Reynolds after his last 3 season term at the West Tigers. Due to injury problems and general form he averaged about 7 games /season. He admitted he was a dud buy for the Tigers. For Hull this season he played 8 games and with his injury probably won't play too many next season. Believe he is on a 2 year contract with an optional third. Is he a dud buy for Hull?
  12. Didn't the 1985 CC Final between Wigan and Hull have an attendance of 99,801 which is the highest ever for a CC Final at Wembley? I came from Aus. for the game.
  13. I will be on your side. My favourite Hull player when I first started supporting them was Freddie Miller who was our fullback from 1932-50. Sad when he transferred to Featherstone Rovers but I supported them him at the Wembley 1952 CC final which they lost against a Workington side inspired by Gus Risman. Know Fred was very popular at Fev -do they still have a Fred M. gate at the ground?
  14. Mixed form on my predictions arising from this match. At the start of the season the teams at the top of the betting to win the GF were the 2 teams playing tonight. I then said neither team would win it! After Bennett left St George in 2010 I said he wouldn't coach another team to a GF win. I have been a Penrith season ticket holder since 2000.
  15. Over 10 years since he last won one! (2010) Pre season a thread on here showed betting for 2021 GF champions had Souths and Penrith at the top as favourites. I commented that neither would win it. Will be at least half right!
  16. Was having another strong game particularly his after contact metrerage. Last week he set a season record of over 120 ACM. Has earned his rest prior to season 2022. Has he a chance of being named 2021 prop of the year to replicate his 2020 award?
  17. Came to Aus. in 1968 and followed clubs in the area I lived having joined their Leagues club. So for 2 years followed Souths in Sydney then moved to the Sutherland Shire, joined the Sharks LC and followed Cronulla for 30 years. Then in 2000 moved West,became a member of the Panthers LC and switched to Penrith. Could be classified as a RL nut as I saw my first game in England in 1946 and have been addicted to the game ever since.
  18. I still have the flares and Safari suits in my clothing collection waiting for their fashion comeback but alas the socks are no more!
  19. Only wore pink when I had a pair of shocking pink socks( plus a pair of shocking green)which went with my flares and Safari suits back in the 70's. Was a Sharks fan then when I lived for 30 years near Cronulla.
  20. As a Penrith fan I would just hope for a solid workout with a positive result and no major injuries. Our bench is pretty strong today with Kikau there.
  21. Manly move to 4th and play the Cowboys in their final game next week
  22. 45 mins. After 26 consecutive tackles Turbo over and Garrick converts. Manly 16 Bulldogs 12. 46 mins. Aloiai( Manly) lashes out with the feet in a tackle and sent to bin.
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