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  1. This. Bloody Nine even put in a bid. I think this is largely accepted. If the NRL want to monetize their sizeable viewer figure number advantage in the next broadcast deal then it is going to require either Ten/Paramount put in a bid for the complete FTA/Streaming rights, many say that this may be their only hope of survival as a television station. Likewise whether Nine/Stan will admit the failure of their super rugby gamble and put in a bid for the same complete package. Many argue that this may be the only way that they will save Stan. It will be only then that Foxtel will realise the danger of completing missing out on NRL and the catastrophic effect that would have on their bottom-line, probably send them out of business. Mightn`t even be able to fulfil other contracts they have signed.
  2. Apparently there`s been a massive increase in Touch across Oz last year as well with over half a million registered players nation wide now, with about 150 000 OzTag players registered as well. So we`re nudging 900 000 for the three forms of the game. Crazy numbers. That young Kaeno Kini was picked up by the Titans at a Touch carnival in N.Z., his mum said to the talent scout "but he can`t tackle" apparently the scout responded " don`t worry, we`ll teach him how to tackle". He seems to be pretty home in first grade now.
  3. I think there`s several things feeding into the increase, the crack-down on bad off-field behaviour and the immediate stand-down policy has sent a very clear message to the general public that the NRL are serious about this and the image of the game and the people who play it, and I think the public like that. None of these things would matter so much of course if the on -field product wasn`t so attractive at the moment either.
  4. They can say "it came away from his bicep" all they like, but none of the angles showed whether his hand lost contact with the ball, that being the case the ref`s on-field decision "try" should have been upheld. I think Des may have painted himself into a corner over this though by saying at the press conference , yes the NRL will admit they got it wrong, everybody makes mistakes and we apologise. It left them nowhere to go but back the bunker. On the up-side incidents like this and the one against the Raiders are exactly the sort of thing Des uses to create that us against the world ethos he is famous for instilling in his teams. Titans are on the up.
  5. Like it or not the media is going to make a hell of a fuss if the Bears are readmitted to the NRL, it will certainly be in Nine`s and Fox`s interest too as well.So expect it all over front and back page of News Limited daily rag the Telegraph. It`s going to very hard for the general public not to be caught up in the hype especially once things like the jersey and logo come out. Perth`s original colours not being that much different from the Bears anyway. The Bears` old supporter base will probably add a couple of thousand to Perth Bears away games in Sydney and maybe 10 000 if they make the finals. Personally I`d rather a standalone Western Australian bid with a unique W.A. identity and one of the two bids coming out of Perth has indicated that preference. The good news is that the W.A. Gov`t has said it will get behind whichever bid gets the nod.
  6. Finally, some news out of Western Australia: 'Ticks every box': Why Perth deserves an NRL team | The Canberra Times | Canberra, ACT "Western Australia is ready for a Perth-based stand-alone NRL team and all that is needed now is clear direction from the game's hierarchy about establishing it in an expanded competition. "That is the view of Peter Cumins, chairman of a Perth consortium working with the WA government to realise their goal. "Cumins, also deputy chairman of Cash Converters, told AAP that Perth had the corporate backing, facilities and public support to ensure an NRL franchise on the west coast would be a success. "All we need now is to have some very clear direction from the NRL and be invited to make an application, which we think would be successful, and then we will come along full steam," Cumins said. "We do have a very strong group of people, with money, where we would also be in a strong position to fund a successful team. "I have been involved with this for 15 years, and the reason we haven't gone into full PR mode is because we can't afford another false start." "Cumins was managing director of Cash Converters when the business was the major sponsor of the Western Reds. "Cumins and his consortium are liaising with a working group, appointed by the WA government, that has held discussions with the NRL and ARL Commission. "They have had discussions with (ARLC chairman) Peter V'landys and with Newtown and the North Sydney Bears (as possible partners), but my view is that we want a stand-alone Perth-based team and something that West Australians can get behind," Cumins said. "It ticks every box." "Cumins, whose parents came from Hull and were rusted-on league fans, played more than 300 first-grade games for the Fremantle Roosters and represented his state side. No one understands the landscape of rugby league in the west like he does. "The numbers all stack up because, unlike another team into Sydney, we would be a one-team town," he said. "Western Australia now has a population heading towards three million, and is one of the richest states in Australia with gas, gold and iron ore, so there is a lot of corporate money available." Bring it on.
  7. The Defection of David Fifita from the Titans to the Roosters brought back memories of players whose defection from St. George most stung me. Probably losing Steven Edge to the Eels in 1980 after he had captained us to a GF win in `79 was the one that most surprised and confused me as a kid, Michael O`Connor to Manly was another I remember being particularly disappointed with as well. Interested to hear other stories and your reactions to defections from your team or other teams as well.
  8. I`d love to have NZ2 be the next team into the NRL but the reality is despite the lovely website and much hyped announcements of readiness neither of the bids out of Christchurch make mention of a single sponsor or any sort of investment and talk of plans to fund the venture from crowd-funding are frankly embarrassing.
  9. By coincidence even today I read an article where Andrew Johns was quoted as saying that in the modern game he doesn`t expect halfbacks to fully develop until their late twenties and not dominate until their thirties, once again no explanation though. It also said he believed Cleary was the exception and don`t expect to see many more like him. The subject particularly interests me because maybe it does perhaps offer an explanation for the dearth of consistently quality performing young halfbacks in the game, which is odd because given all the money spent on player development these days we don`t seem to be having any such problem with any other position.
  10. Saw a headline the other day where Phil Gould said that halfbacks in the modern game aren`t going to start to stand-out until their mid to late 20`s. I gather that suggested that the era of young stand-out half backs turning up in their early twenty`s was going to be less likely to happen. I didn`t read the article but it caught my eye and when I went looking for it later couldn`t find it. But given the difficulty we see so many young halfbacks in the comp are having nailing down regular starting spots I would have been very interested in his reasoning. Maybe there is hope for the Tannah Boyd`s, Illias`s, Sullivan`s, Schneider`s, etc. etc.
  11. Sea Eagles to host international Navy game | Sea Eagles The Royal Australian Navy Tridents take on the Royal Navy Brothers (UK) from 5.45pm. Click here to watch livestream coverage of the match from 5.30pm. This will be the eighth time the two sides have met since the first meeting in 2002, with the Royal Navy Brothers holding a 4-3 lead. The match promises to deliver an evening of intense competition and camaraderie, showcasing the best of military sportsmanship on the rugby league field.
  12. It just seemed rather funny given the obvious sincerity in your post. Did cross my mind as well. Thought I better not push it.
  13. Brilliant we`ve got the ANZAC Day clash in New Zealand now, that will be another big event game every year. I can`t wait for tomorrow, 3 ANZAC Day matches spread across New Zealand and Australia. All we need now is an ANZAC Day eve clash in the nation`s capital Canberra every year, loads of dignitaries in Canberra at that time of year who would attend and it could be another big annual event game.
  14. He was a grub but a great grub no doubt and one of the great attacking centres. My enduring memory of Hill was in the dying minutes of a match at Brookvale, holding off a Broncos` defender with one arm whilst running about 20 metres to score in the corner to win the match for Manly. Power, speed and determination, always loved watching him play.
  15. I`d almost say the opposite, the quality we`ve had come down over the last forty plus years has led to the arrival of most new players being highly anticipated. If they don`t cut it, all well and good, that happens, but on balance there has been far more high performers than duds and the majority of fans would willingly recognise that.
  16. I think it was in response to @DavidM before the season started when he said he saw no improvement in St. George this year that I stated that Flanagan was a winner and this would be reflected in our results, I recall you agreeing, notwithstanding the obvious bias a Sharks fan would have. Not much I have seen or heard so far changes my view on this, it seems that the players really want to perform for him. Btw, great to see Kyle Flanagan probably playing the best football of his career.
  17. I know it`s Warriors` news, but this is massive for the Warriors` and Kiwi Rugby League in general. The sort of player who will attract other top shelf players to the club. James Fisher-Harris signs with One New Zealand Warriors from 2025 | Warriors " He`s one of the games` elite players, a super tough forward who sets and demands the highest standards. " Andrew Webster Warriors` Head Coach. “It’s a huge signing for us, undoubtedly one of the biggest in our club’s history." Cameron George Warriors CEO. "
  18. NRL in Vegas was such a hit, my American mate wants a Canberra Raiders jersey (theroar.com.au) "If someone had told me a couple of months ago that I’d have friends in the small American town I live in asking me about how they could get their hands on a Raiders jersey, about how the Penrith Panthers were able to create a dynasty with a father-son coach duo – “dude how is that even legal” – or telling me about how electric they found Tom Trbojevic and James Tedesco to be I would have called you insane. "The simple fact that I, on a regular basis, see friends of mine watching NRL highlights is evidence enough that NRL Las Vegas has brought at least some people to the game. "Continuing the NRL Las Vegas will do wonders, but I also think holding NRL nines tournaments or international tests could do wonders, especially on the West Coast which has a decent Pasifika population." Interesting.
  19. Not sure whether this has already been mentioned, I only found out yesterday. Warriors bar: Why club chose Kingsland site for themed pub as part of major investment strategy - NZ Herald The Warriors have found the location for their themed pub, which they hope will become the best sports bar in New Zealand. The club has bought the Holy Hop bar in Kingsland, which they will fully refurnish and refit, with an estimated opening date of August or September 2024. As revealed by the Weekend Herald in January, the branded pub is part of a strategy to diversify revenue streams – after the Covid period highlighted their massive reliance on NRL funding – as well as boost their visibility and footprint in the marketplace. As well as purchasing the business, the club has also bought the building, which houses a Domino’s outlet, a restaurant and a motorcycle accessories dealership (techmoto). The Weekend Herald understands the NRL franchise – through owners Autex – have spent close to $10 million on the venture. Seems the NRL`s push into diversifying income streams is inspiring the owners of the Warriors. The Warriors getting their own Gambaro.
  20. For as long as I`ve been coming on here Irish you`ve been advocating for a concerted effort to develop Rugby League in the world`s biggest market. Intriguing thought your first sentence. I think you may have meant "simply the best" in your second, sounds better and I think I`ve heard it before somewhere.
  21. Bernie Gurr was the Finance Director of the 1994 FIFA World Cup held in the U.S. and resides now in the U.S. Joe Kelly spent three years in a senior executive role at Celsea Football club in the United Kingdom. The addition of Kelly and Gurr to the USARL board follows the NRL's recent appointment of John Vellis as General Manager - US Expansion in a sign of the NRL`s commitment to North America. These aren`t just anybody`s.
  22. I don`t believe in coincidences so i think it would be unwise to underestimate the effect the Las Vegas venture is having on the optimism and excitement around Rugby League in the U.S. at the moment. It would perhaps have given those in the game over there a real focal point of something to aim for and the beauty is it has minimum 5 more years to run. A lot can happen in five years, especially in the U.S. These are two heavyweight appointments who I have no doubt done this in consultation with the NRL hierarchy. Who knows the growth in the local game and recruitment of the female players into the NRLW maybe two side benefits out of this whole thing we didn`t see coming.
  23. Interesting interview with Nathan Cleary, touches on weight divisions for juniors, junior coaching and the Panthers` playing style. 'I don't agree': Cleary's insight into junior coaching | Watch (msn.com)
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