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  1. Might I make a suggestion, with the proviso that I haven`t read the post/s referred to, perhaps he (Oxford) means if the NRL was a union competition that would make the Super League the premier Rugby League competition in the world. Just a thought.
  2. Quite incredible and great to have clubs in such a strong financial position: CHOOK’S NEW COOP IS A DIFFERENT CLASS The Roosters unveiled their $10 million Centre of Excellence on Tuesday night, rightfully naming it after long-standing chairman Nick Politis. He had some zingers in his speech, too. First, Politis mentioned how James Packer was on the board when he joined in 1993 but “we won’t talk about him too much because he crossed the line”. Packer is now part-owner of South Sydney. He also pointed out how the club has a whopping $150 million of assets on its books, which is far more than the NRL. After sending his apologies for not attending, Andrew Abdo mysteriously arrived an hour late for the function.
  3. Thanks, very interesting. I suppose given the pretty ordinary time that it airs it is always going to be a struggle to attract viewers, so why bother wasting money promoting it. 40k+ though for certain games is not to be sneezed at and does suggest a solid base given the lack of promotion. I know we get NFL here starting around 10 a.m. although it is generally on Mondays, which certainly does make it a lot easier for the casual viewer to tune in, which of course makes it a lot easier to start to take an interest in that competition. I remember it being discussed on here last year (or the year before) that when daylights savings finishes over here and starts in your part of the world a midday game in England/France could be beamed live into the east coast of Oz at around 8 p.m. That`s something I`d be very keen to see.
  4. Unrelated but thought I`d ask anyway, do you think there has been an uptick in demand for NRL games on Sky, because I noticed they were showing the complete pre-season of the NRL, both Women`s and Men`s All-Stars match and of course the WCC. Certainly having an English side involved in our pre-season will help.
  5. It`s a small world, I was up there (well next door at Bonny Hills) last Sunday with my son visiting the Bonny Hills Art Festival, bought a lovely little envelope sized water-colour for $300 quid of a landscape in the valley. Son mentioned to me as we drove through the area what a lovely place to live. Port Macquarie has two sides in the local Group Three open competition, but it`s a big town (40k ?). Not far (a few K) from Lake Cathie is Camden Haven a much smaller place, perhaps a few thousand, who always fielded a team in Group Three Open`s for years up until a few years ago. I was pleased to note a couple of years ago that they were fielding an U`18`s team again for the first time in a while. Hopefully this may see them re-entering an open`s team in the near future. On the junior`s front, Lake Cathie/Bonny Hills have a joint junior team in the U/ 6`s, 7`s, 8`s, 9`s, 11`s junior age groups, and won the U/16`s boy`s comp last year. Good stuff. Camden Haven very similar. Port often fields three teams in many of these age groups. Some of the younger comps have 14 teams, I saw teams from Gloucester (100k+ away) in some of the junior comps. Remember playing against them (on the wing) for Wingham Tiger Juniors in the mud a long, long time ago. Great to see them back fielding junior teams in our comp again. As an aside was really pleased to see strong League Tag competitions run in several age groups, with full recognition of their results being tabled alongside the Tackle comp`s and Girl`s competitions in both U/12`s and U/16`s. That`s a lot more kids playing the game who may have not otherwise. Seems junior League is doing very well in the valley and surrounds lately and plenty of junior teams for @George Wattin his local area to get down to the ground and cheer for, plus the big Port teams if you want to follow someone in the Open`s.
  6. NRL 2023: Anthony Albanese backs PNG’s NRL bid as World Cup in Pacific gains traction (smh.com.au) Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has again endorsed the idea of a Papua New Guinea NRL franchise as rugby league officials explore proposals – including a Pacific-based World Cup – to capitalise on the game’s rise in the region. Albanese will become the first overseas leader to address Papua New Guinea’s parliament when he heads to Port Moresby this week. Before departing Canberra, he spruiked the prospect of an NRL side based in PNG. “I'm very keen to see a rugby league team participate in the NRL that would be based in Papua New Guinea and involve our Pacific Island friends,” Albanese said on Wednesday. “That’s something that we’ve had discussions about and I’ve discussed with the National Rugby League. There are no greater friends than Australia and Papua New Guinea – tomorrow’s visit will cement that.” Australian PM Anthony Albaneses would be well aware that hosting a RLWC in the Pacific would very well be a loss-making venture, the same as Papua New Guinea having its` own NRL team, yet he continues to push it. Given the alarm surrounding China`s push into the Pacific, and it is very real, me thinks that Albanese and his Australian Labor Government see League as a method of swaying hearts and minds in that region. Does this mean they are prepared to underwrite a tournament in the region, why not, given the ten`s of millions thy throw at hosting other large international tournaments. They might think it would be worth the money. Either way if they do, then you`d have to say at least League will definitely be the number one sport in that region.
  7. It does concern me that perhaps the RLF simply don`t have the money to fund internationals, especially when there is a risk after match payments etc, the games may be a loss-making enterprise.
  8. Disappointing to say the least and makes me wonder about the accuracy of this article I copied out of the Gaurdian who are positively upbeat about the prospects of French Rugby League. Why rugby league fans across the world should follow France’s top tier | Rugby league | The Guardian One quote : " These famous players are not earning the money they did in Super League but, with crowds around the 1,000 mark at most Elite 1 games, who is subsidising their wages? The usual suspects – wealthy owners and sponsors – plus generous state benefits and the traditional source of finance for French clubs: local government. “Money is at the root of it all,” says local sports journalist Steve Brady of the renaissance. “Elite 1 seems to be awash with it. There’s a financial sense of confidence, which is all the more remarkable following Covid.” " Is this wave of spending down to a few excitable, ambitious clubs or is it the sign of new life in the French domestic game? “I believe it’s due to the rumoured financial windfall the game is expecting from the 2025 World Cup,” says Brady. “I understand government funding will be very generous, allowing more of a torrent than a trickle down into the French championship." Be very interested what some our resident French Rugby League experts @ATLANTISMAN@barnyiaet.al. make of this dichotomy.
  9. I`m 58 and a lot of people think I look about 45. Mentally, depends whether you get me on a good day or bad. 45 is good though, cause I still get young birds coming on to me, and at 58 that`s always a buzz.
  10. Yes and I`m aware that I could have added that America has been a developed country during that period as well, whereas China has been a developing nation, building all the infrastructure that the U.S. would largely already have. However, I thought the comparison was interesting on purely a volume scale and the time periods compared. One might also add that the technology surrounding concrete and the use of alternatives makes the figure even more remarkable.
  11. As a lover of history thanks for starting a great thread. I think my love of history stems from its` ability to put everything into perspective i.e. when I am reading something (or watching Time Team ) all my petty cares and worries seem so trifling when I think of all the lives that have gone before. I suppose the other element is how often we see the same or very similar things played out just with different actors. Reading J.B. Bury`s classic A History of Greece a couple of years ago I was amazed by the number of parallels with what is happening in world politics even recently. From concerns with foreign interference in elections to the rise of populist politicians. With regard your ` more bombs on Vietnam ` fact - unrelated but another interesting comparison - I read a while back that there has been more concrete poured in China over the last 20 years (it may be less) than there has in the U.S. since the end of the second World War. Quite extraordinary.
  12. There`s been a couple, but perhaps you`re referring to this one. NRL 2023: Tim Sheens says returning Wests Tigers duo like ‘new signings’ (smh.com.au) For all the excitement surrounding the arrival of Isaiah Papali’i, Api Koroisau and David Klemmer, Wests Tigers coach Tim Sheens says you can’t under-estimate the importance of the club’s “other two signings”. Tommy Talau and Shawn Blore missed all of last season because of injury, and Sheens can’t wait to welcome the return of the 22-year-old pair. “They are great ‘signings’ for us - they didn’t play a game last season, and coming back from knee injuries is a real bonus,” Sheens told the Herald. “To say we missed them is an understatement.
  13. I like him and can`t wait to see him back, he`s got X-factor.
  14. Very good point, that`s one of the reasons that make NRL/fumbleball (afl) comparisons difficult, especially with their ~44 + first grade squads. The money has got to go a lot further. I`ve heard good commentators over here say that running a Rugby League club is a way less expensive prospect compared to our main competitor, approximately $30m compared to their $40 - $50m.
  15. NRL salary cap outstrips Gallagher Premiership for first time (rugbypass.com) Clubs will be able to spend up to $12.1 million (£6.7 million) on players next season – a record figure and an increase from the 2022 figure of $9.6 million – with a rise in the minimum salary for a top 30-squad to $120,000. The Gallagher Premiership is currently set at a reduced £5 million, a figure that will increase to £6.4 million in 2024. Interesting that a U.K. union site is reporting on this.
  16. There`s been a lot of people saying the NRL would be better off spending the money directly on junior development and/or ploughing more money into N.Z., Western Australia etc. and you`d have to think they might have a point. However this announcement seems to follow the template that V`landy`s has so successfully used in his role of CEO of N.S.W. Racing, i.e. reward the participants, with record investment in that sport in N.S.W. I suppose the thinking goes somewhat along the lines of bigger, richer clubs with bigger richer players will attract more investment in their own right. People and businesses see these headlines and see a flourishing code and want to get on board. Recent multi-million dollar sponsorship tie-ups with banking giant Westpac and only days ago with a 3 year $10 million deal with Korean car manufacturing giant Kia suggest something is working. As Abdo says " we`re looking for a tie-up with a major supermarket chain and health insurance company next."
  17. NRL news 2022: The Mole, Wests Tigers sign Ben Houston from rugby union (nine.com.au) "The Tigers may have pulled off a coup by snaring the captain of the famous Randwick rugby union club. Ben Houston, a big, mobile prop or second-rower, made the most tackles in the Shute Shield last season and has decided to try his hand at league. His loss will be seen as a blow in rugby - only two months ago Waratahs head coach Darren Coleman invited Houston to join his squad." Probably see more of this kind of thing, NRL clubs being able to afford to take more chances on union players they think may make the switch.
  18. My daughter is working on a project at the Uni. of N.S.W. funded by Holcim, the Swiss multinational, on developing a hydrogen powered system for their international fleet of cement trucks. According to her they are not interested in electric but see hydrogen as the future.
  19. I saw some talk on relocations. St. George making plans for the future in the south. Illawarra kicking goals at Dragons' centre of excellence | NSW Government St George Illawarra Dragons has submitted the development application for its new Community and High Performance Centre (CHPC) at the University of Wollongong’s (UOW) Innovation Campus. Treasurer Matt Kean said the NSW Government is investing $40 million in the project, which will set a new benchmark for community, education and sporting excellence. “This centre will also house a merchandise zone as well as the club’s administration offices, bringing the Dragons’ entire operations into one location.” Minister for Sport Alister Henskens said the project is expected to create 229 new jobs during construction and support more than 60 new full-time jobs once operational. “The Illawarra is a traditional rugby league stronghold, and this new facility will foster the next generation of talent from across the region,” Mr Henskens said. “It will build on the 20 different programs and more than 114,000 community members currently engaging with St George Illawarra each year, and be a catalyst for increased female participation in sport.” The project is being funded by the NSW Government. Good to see it being based at a tertiary institution, League needs the respectability of being more closely associated with these types of bodies.
  20. You`re starting to sound like @unapologetic pedant .
  21. Brits (amongst others) in the NRLW next year. NRL 2023: NRLW, Women's Rugby League World Cup, England, Hollie Dodd, Francesca Goldthorpe, Georgia Roche, Leah Bourke, Emily Rudge, Jodie Cunningham | NRL.com Mouth-watering prospect the thought of some of these players gracing our shores next year.
  22. According to who ... the afl ? the bits that I saw were just the usual fumbling and bumbling up and down the field, often almost comical.
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