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  1. Really awful. As David says, thoughts with his family.
  2. Ideally this would be a solution (possibly alongside SL being run with the same level of control/input from the French federation as the RFL, plus the governing body of any other team in the competition at any future time). However I think I recall a post on another thread within the last week or so that said that there are only 19 qualified referees in the whole of French RL. Taking one or more of them for SL matches during the cross over between the two seasons would leave French RL in an even worse position - That's before we even consider how many current French refs might meet the standards set for SL (note that Guasch suggested an Australian rather than French ref).
  3. I'm in agreement about over complicating things. The 'problem' is supposedly stopping the game flowing by awarding a penalty - if this is an issue that needed fixing, I would suggest this: When the ref calls six again, the attacking team's captain has the right to stop play to take a penalty instead if they would rather (no matter how far through the tackle count, where they are on the field or how many minutes left). This would still keep play going in a lot of cases, the exceptions being where it benefits the penalised team to do so.
  4. Additionally Occitanian identity is controversial for some French Catalans who do not consider it to apply to them.
  5. Since the SL GF was introduced in 1998 the percentage of old trafford we have filled is: 1998 - 79%, 1999 - 90%, 2000 - 98%, 2001 - 100%, 2002 - 96%, 2003 - 96%, 2004 - 97%, 2005 - 97%, 2006 - 95%, 2007 - 93%, 2008 - 91%, 2009 - 82%, 2010 - 95%, 2011 - 91%, 2012 - 83%, 2013 - 95%, 2014 - 91%, 2015 - 93%, 2016 - 87%, 2017 - 100%, 2018 - 88%, 2019 86%, 2021 - 60%. Since 98, only this year is anywhere near 40,000 (for reasons discussed elsewhere). The grand final isn't usually being played in front of half (or even three quarter) full stadiums. We usually need a stadium with a capacity well over 60,000 otherwise you are turning fans away. I accept that if we had another 2 or 3 years with lower crowds we should look at other options, but not yet (hopefully never).
  6. Excepting 2020 which had no crowd, every single super league grand final has attracted a crowd of more than 40,000 and other than yesterday every one in the last 20 years has had an attendance over 60,000. The highest crowd for a super league era play-off final (over 77,000) was only 5 years ago. Why would we limit crowds to 40,000?
  7. Fev are broadcasting the sky commentary: https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/roverstv/live/
  8. They beat Leeds at Odsal in the final having finished 8th in the table, but the play offs were competed for by the top 16(!) out of a 30 team league.
  9. Wasn't Dewsbury's win in 73 the last Championship play-off final? After that the table topping team were champions with the Premiership (play-off) being a separate trophy/competition up until the Super League play-offs were introduced in 98.
  10. Maybe it's that some fans will find that entertaining and others will want a different form of entertainment and those organising the events are trying to cater for as many people as possible.
  11. Just like Castleford and Featherstone then!
  12. Not wanting to derail the thread (that's not a Leigh/railway joke, honest) Barrow started being administered by Cumbria CC (rather than as part of Lancashire) when Leigh began being administered as part of Greater Manchester and Widnes by Cheshire CC. So what is the distinction you see between Leigh & Widnes, and Barrow? If you consider the first 2 are in Lancashire, why isn't Barrow?
  13. As always, that depends how you want to define Lancashire. Barrow, Leigh & Widnes are all in the traditional county.
  14. Well that turned into a better match 2nd half. Well done to Doncaster. NWC just didn't give up, a fitting end to a good season for them.
  15. That was an enjoyable watch - Always good to have an exciting finish. Well done Workington.
  16. I find it really sad that we can't have a thread congratulating Willie Poching (or that discusses anything else about Trinity) without it quickly devolving into a slanging match about Belle Vue. We all know about Wakefield's ground issues, that doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to discuss anything else about the club. Congratulations WP.
  17. So if super league does go to 2 divisions of 10 for 2023, I assume the sky deal would mean they have the rights for both divisions. Would that mean premier sports would be broadcasting the 3rd tier in whatever form it exists?
  18. You know (at least some of) the counter arguments, you listed a load of negatives in your opening post. You evidently think the positives outweigh these, it just seems from the thread that the majority on here don't.
  19. So in this proposal, a team could (in theory at least) win the Super League grand final and get relegated in the same season.
  20. I believe that Scarborough Pirates reformed for this year after a hiatus.
  21. It looks like it could be really entertaining. The only thing you write there that I don't agree with is the 14 team championship - we have 36 pro/semi-pro clubs (assuming none of them fold due to funding cuts), why don't we have 3 divisions of 12? It makes no sense to me to have 14 in the championship and 10 in league 1.
  22. Someone must transcribe the list because the media will be given a copy of the clubs' team sheet in position (1 to 13) order as submitted by each team before the match. It makes you wonder who rearranges it and why.
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