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  1. As someone who runs a company, Before I stage any changes or promotions or incentives, I actively consult my fan base , Can somebody please ask Ralph to get his ###### in this message board and see what fans actually feel . The decisions that are coming out of the RFL are now beyond poor and frankly the leadership should hold their heads in shame at how badly they have managed the sport . Incredibly simple and low cost marketing decisions and a common sense approach to not repeating obvious mistakes , coupled with a grassroots up policy of grow the game stronger in its heartland and gradually spread would be fairly obvious to most people on these message boards. New clubhouses for a mature teams would frankly make better financial sense that the wages we have expended on these clowns.
  2. Agreed, they would have wheeled any star player out for a , Oh I’m very sorry off field issues , grieving from the death of my cat , will be remorseful for the rest of my life , will enter a vaping rehab facility and do a couple of shifts at a soup kitchen sponsor appeasement self flagellation scripted blurb shoulders hunched looking down Club tie on speach , Coach or owner will say that they have fallen short of the ideals of the club the fans and there teammates , but will then confirm that they are happy to take money off any person or organisation who falls short of the club the fans or there teammates.Fairly obvious it’s fallen nicely for them , I mean S£&T the bed he vaped in a toilet!!!!!! . What would they have done If it was a bong shot him .
  3. I don’t think it’s really a tricky one . Anyone I know ( Hardworking folk , Pay Taxes , get there opinions ignored the majority of people in the UK )Could have given you this decision before all the madness started . Let’s hope this is the is the first crack in the dam the release the much needed reservoir of common sense in to our game and society as a whole .
  4. My reasoning on that is that it falls in to the same Cultural bracket as the Hakka would for Kiwis , Christianity and the monarchy have been part of and the basis of ( like it or loath it ) English culture for over 1500 years .
  5. As a patriot and having served in her majesty’s I’m inclined to turn red and go crazy at your post , But on reflection there is a discussion there to be had .
  6. Seriously want to avoid this turning in to a heated argument, But wouldn’t it better serve the game for the governing bodies to take a neutral political stance , Avoid embroiling them selves in cultural politics, And just concentrate on the game . I just don’t remember growing up any social issues being blasted at me every time I read about or watched the game , I was happy just to see Mal Menninga on the charge or Schoey weaving his magic .
  7. Yes heaven forfend that they have a beer and enjoy themselves . As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone it’s there right to have a blowout.
  8. I still would have him . I think everyone is a bit tired of the expectation that everyone in sport should either have lived there life like a hermit monk with no sins , or self flagellate and debase themselves in a scripted manner to appease whoever is the current must be appeased crowd are . I imagine some of our greatest touring sides got up to stuff that would make your eyes bleed . We ain’t got the players as to be as faux virtuous as the Aussies .
  9. The annoying thing is this is the message that’s been coming from anyone in the game with common. Sense for 30+ years . The people at the top have done a great disservice to the game .
  10. I completely agree with you . Can I be clear I would defend with my life the right for people to peacefully live and enjoy there life in the way they want and not have to hide there real selves because of fear of reprisals or ostracism . I’m just trying to say that we don’t have the war chest other sports have , And both the RFL and NRL desperately need to start fixing the glaring issues with the game . I genuinely feel the sport is dancing on the precipice at the moment.
  11. And based on the fact the game as a whole does not have a pot to pee in or a window to throw it out of how should this be funded . Why don’t we sort out a clubhouse for some of the amateur clubs that are struggling.
  12. Last comment was petty . My point is that the vast majority of the core demographic of rugby league supporters/ enthusiasts: players who are the folks actually paying for it to exist or the folks sponsors and TV channels , Emphatically font want the RFL spaffing any Money or time which they simply don’t have on virtue signalling vanity projects when we are haemorrhaging players in our traditional demographics and supposed heartlands .
  13. How many players are we actually talking about. Is it of such magnitude that we can afford to divert very limited resources away from the key demographic.
  14. currently even the most established amateur clubs are struggling to raise a team by the end of the season . I think there is more to focus on than spending time building a framework that’s going to be used rarely if ever . How many players are we actually talking about ?
  15. The point is taking from what I hear on the terraces from the people who are propping the game up is that they don’t need a statement from the IRL ( from its headquarters at a serviced office in Milton Keynes, The point being it’s hardly FIFA) pointing out what everyone already new , That if you are physically and we’re born a man it may just be a teensy Weensy bit unfair to Women . They should be focusing on the glaring problems at hand not hopping on a statement bandwagon.
  16. Probably, are connected though . The games got bigger problems that it should be focusing on . I think the game really is on the brink
  17. Venting … feel better now like many folks I’m hoping this is the first crack in the common sense dam .
  18. Or men could just play mens sports and women play womens sport , it’s a great system and worked for years why it’s a requirement that every micro minority gets appeased to the detriment of the vast majority is beyond me . Trust me 99% of RL fans certainly all the ones I know ( many ) roll there eyes and wish we could go back to just enjoying the game and looking forward to titanic match ups and watching genuine stars . Not being bombarded by gender and race politics on a daily basis ( see NRL website) the game is literally dying on its ###### . Participation is minuscule compared to when I played in the mid 90s crowds whichever way you look at it are down and falling .The quality of player in the British game is markedly worse and the boundaries of the game have realistically shrunk. Let’s fix them issues please .
  19. Should this not be on the Women and girls forum , or based on the recent ruling should it not .
  20. To avoid criticism, Do nothing, Say nothing , Be nothing . RIP Maurice.
  21. Just a quick one as I don’t think this needed closing down with such haste as people do need an opportunity to discuss. My personal view is that if this opens our sport and the ideals that it stands for and it’s history to a wider audience and gives a focus to youth that would not have experienced this then great , however one question I am here to be educated so can someone tell me , By so signing this gave the RFL had to change anything about it’s structure rules or ideals . If it’s a sound NO then let’s move on if it’s a yes it does absolutely warrant further discussion.
  22. I take your points and I understand that there is lots of redress and cultural rebalance needed in Australia and also applaud a nation trying to make peace and come to terms with the past . Regarding the game I am just wary how far and what path it and other initiatives the NRL are pushing will take the game as a whole , I’m just not sure long term it promotes cohesion. In isolation I totally understand it’s a celebration of two ancient cultures however historically this tribalism tends to lead to jingoism and I’m concerned that it could narrow as opposed to broaden the games appeal . Like I say it’s just a personal concern on the merits of a game that’s selected in this way .
  23. Lots of good points there . On reflection the Celtic v England wouldn’t be a bad idea
  24. I’m not denying anything??? So please don’t call me a vile type . And I talk to people who have all different views , that’s part of being civilised and ready to understand others points . I am not trying to portray anyone as a victim , I’m just stating a fact that the Angl Saxon people were stripped of there lands post 1066 and subjugated to foreign rulers and in the case of the Harrying of the north many were displaced and disposed of by there new overlords . I suggest you read up on this and educate yourself as I will in your cause and therefore foster greater understanding. Like I say I’m open to taking in others views .
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