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  1. The PA announcer at OT on Saturday i have heard him before but i can’t remember where. No offence to the fella but he’s got one of those voices that would be better suited at a Silcocks Fun Fair.
  2. I didn’t see the Knowles & LMS incidents, but i am pleased LMS has been banned if he made contact with the Ref. I would love to see the officials penalising players more for backchat & making contact with officials. Id keep penalising them until they got the message,
  3. There was some idiots at the Saints end as well Raging. What i did find astounding at HT was women going into the men’s bogs. If fellas went into the women’s toilets they probably would’ve been hauled out the ground and arrested. But it seems ok for some women and they found it funny. But what can you do with ###### up women. I did mention it to a steward but he just shrugged his shoulders.
  4. A cheap budget sport, id love it if they could set up Coldland kiosks at RL finals selling “African Wottle Biscuits” “Coldland Sticky Potato Pistols” “Coldland Extra Delicious Sticky Peas”. That is Rugby League.
  5. Makinson didn’t break any law the 80mins wasn’t up. What was wrong was the Leeds fans throwing bottles at him. When Leeds scored their first try right in front of were i was sat, a few of their players turned to the Saints fans, and started celebrating, whooping. Not for one second did i think “they are goading me, and because of that i have the right to throw a bottle at them”.
  6. Is he a Salford lad SS ?. You’d have thought if he had an interest in RL, Salford would be a club he’d show an interest in. How rich is he ?.
  7. #TheGameIsCorrupt #ImDoneWithIt #PrayForSRD #JusticeForWembley2020
  8. I hope they wasn’t buying the PG Tips tea, it was ###### from the men’s bogs mixed with dandruff brushed up from the concourse used as a substitute for powdered milk. UTD are worth billions yet they don’t even have any UHT, keep away from the tea it’s abdominal.
  9. You could’ve bought a ticket yourself NW and lay across a few seats.
  10. There was a couple of Cas fans near me and they wanted Saints to win Tex.
  11. I haven’t read any of the comments about the game yet and ive yet to rewatch it but my thoughts. Leeds really gave Saints a match, i don’t think they could’ve give anymore than they did. I do feel they have a chance of winning something next season if they can remain injury free in their spine. Everyone sees a game differently but Blake Austin & Hardaker were fantastic for Leeds. As like most people Lomax was my MoM, but also Sironen, Bennison had cracking games. But i have to give a special mention to Hopoate, he may have only walked or jogged for most of the match but his try saving tackle on Martin (i think it was) stopped a certain try. The two Leeds tries were crackers especially the first one. I have never had a bad spec at OT, but the constant going to the bar every 5mins by some fans is a ball ache. The Saints fan who ran on the pitch what a fool i am hoping he gets a fine and is banned from every RL ground. That also goes to the Leeds fans who threw bottles at Makinson at FT, i hope they are dealt with but i always get the feeling because it’s RL the pitch-invading, bottle throwing fans get away lightly as “RL IS A FAMILY GAME”. Finally Liam Moore he officiated the match really well.
  12. Bloody hell dkw i didn’t know NME had a station, i’ll have to try and get that on DAB. When i know Craig Charles or other DJ’s come on playing dance stuff i switch off.
  13. Checklist For Fans going to the GF 1. Tickets 2. Glasses (for some) 3. Loads of Ale (to drink on the coach and outside the ground). 4. INFLATABLE BLOODY B****** Beachballs.
  14. If we (Saints) lose i’ll be disappointed, but i won’t hold it against the RFL & the officials. Although those officials are so corrupt, they love Leeds & hate Saints, but most of all i blame Phil Clarke, Tezzer & Bazzer. Will someone please count the number of times Wilkin starts a sentence with “Look”, im saying eight times.
  15. When i get chance to listen to 6 Music i only listen to Steve Lamacq, Marc Riley, Gideon Coe. I don’t bother with the stuff before it and i give the weekend a big wide berth with all that dance, rap, soul, deep house, soulful house, Italian Speedcore, stuff with Craig Charles.
  16. If the neutral fans want Leeds to win how can they be neutral ?.
  17. Ooo a Radio Six presenter i didn’t know that, we might get a bit of alternative music played, id like that.
  18. That was Lance Hohiha’s best game in a Saints shirt.
  19. I have just read the stats on arrests at football grounds and public disorder outside of stadiums and it looks grim. We do seem to be going backwards with some fans behaviour, it looks as if it’s a badge of honour for some of these fools to be banned from football grounds. I am glad the police are really clamping down on the idiots. I don’t think RL is as strict, id imagine the Salford fan who threw the pyro onto the pitch on Saturday didn’t get taken away by the stewards and will not be facing a ban from attending RL matches.
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