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  1. I thought it was a great win for Leeds. Catalans looked shattered and gasping for large parts of the game, they just didn’t really click all night. What they need to sort out is their discipline, it seemed the last thing on their mind was playing RL.
  2. I have read “Ordeal By Hunger : The Story Of The Donner Party by George Stewart” it was a cracking read. I do find the story quite amazing and the hard graft & toil they went through. But i have bought another book on the Donner Party which is said to be even better “The Donner Party Chronicles : A Day Account Of The Doomed Wagon Train, 1846-1847” by Frank Mullen. So i will have to see if it’s as good or even better.
  3. It’s some of the stadium’s with a track around the pitch, i don’t know how they put up with it.
  4. I was flicking through the European football matches during the week and i noticed a lot of terracing and seating is a fair distance away from the pitch, especially behind the goals. It’s something that would put me off from attending matches if i was a home supporter. Also the behaviour of certain clubs fans in the stadiums is shocking, it makes me wonder why those clubs are not banning the hooligans ?.
  5. It’s the same for the MoM for the CC, it is crazy but them’s the rules.
  6. Peet has done an amazing job but for me it has to be Paul Rowley.
  7. I like Saints’s new home, its a great spec, it’s somewhere too keep dry when it’s raining, it has excellent facilities in the concourses, and v good toilet facilities if you want to go for a No2, or just use the pish troughs for a No1. Or to just go for a cig or roll a few spliffs. But most importantly they have sinks with hot & cold water to wash your hands. They didn’t have any of that modern day stuff at Knowsley Road behind the Eddington End or the pig sty behind the old scoreboard. Being a season ticket holder at the old place people go on about KR bouncing as if it was for every game which just wasn’t the case, a lot of time the atmosphere was dead. I’m glad we moved as the stadium is used most of the year (i think). The only danger is making your way through Fingerpost on a night and bumping into the “FingerPost Posse”, you just have to listen out for the horse’s hooves which gives you a bit of time to hide from the rabble rousers.
  8. A chance for Keith Hill to quickly get back in to managing.
  9. I wouldn’t be disappointed if he left but who would come in for him from the NRL ?.
  10. Stewart Lee : Snowflake Tornado is on bbc2 tonight at 10.35pm. I’ll have to watch it on catchup. I’ll also give The Killing Season on All 4 which is on tomorrow (i think).
  11. How much does it cost a club for policing, Hull City & Sheff Utd fans have been throwing objects at one another as the game has gone on. Id love to know how many so called fans will have been banned at the end of the season, it should be in the hundreds.
  12. Keith Hill finally got the boot at Scunthorpe this week but it has been coming.
  13. Are the loop fixtures included in those attendances meast. What would the average be if it was for just the eleven regular home games without the loops ?.
  14. He’s not been his usual best over the last couple of months but has he been carrying knocks ?. Even when he’s not at his best he is the one who usually makes the most yards. We will struggle if he doesn’t play in the SF. Walmsley starting and Paasi coming off the bench is our best choice. I just wish somebody would back Paasi up as he’s always ready to offload.
  15. I’m amazed Knowles made the thirteen.
  16. He just stares into the abyss as the game goes on. He has shown a couple of nice touches this season but he’s been a 5/10 for most of the year. I have yet to meet anyone who has said “he’s been a good signing”, most people have said “he’s been a letdown”. We may as well kept hold of Aaron Smith and it would’ve been cheaper for us.
  17. I think the attendance at Saints was 13,100. I’m sure Saints had done some deal with the amateur clubs in St Helens for today’s match. They must’ve done well at the bars because it has been a very muggy day
  18. The first half of this game is one of the worst i have ever seen. Lussick is really poor and i don’t understand the love in with Ben Davies. We looked so disjointed in that first 40mins and i could even hear boos when the hooter went at HT. Thankfully when Lussick was taken off at HT for Roby then Saints looked a lot better and gelled. Toulouse were very game but when it got to sixty five minutes then they started to tire. I still don’t think we’ll win the GF this season (but i hope we bloody do). I couldn’t be arsed hanging around for whatever was happening at FT and i made a quick dart.
  19. WBA sneaked a draw in the seventh minute of injury time. This is why i love daws, for the Baggies fans it’ll feel like a victory while for the Burnley fans a loss.
  20. If Saints end up playing with Hurrell & Davies in the centres, or moving Davies to the halves then they haven’t got a chance in reaching the GF.
  21. Woolf was fortunate that he didn’t have to get rid of the deadwood that Holbrook had to do, it was in a right mess when he arrived.
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