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  1. Maybe - but hopefully those teams would gain on the gate money?
  2. Hope it doesn't - last years tradition style kit was great
  3. Think L1 teams would be delighted with a few added fixtures as long as not midweek. Li only have an 18match season
  4. If plans are for 2 x 10 SL - then nobody goes down. 2 x 10 SL1 and SL2 and the remaining 16 in championship????
  5. Totally agree with you and I put all of this on a previous Forum Topic with almost 100 pages. See link at bottom. As part of this discussion Martyn Sadler [RL Express] came up with a plan of a conference set up of 6 leagues with 2 SL, 2 conf and 2 L1 teams in each conference similar to NFL setup match wise not moneywise obviously - fully explained that it would have a few big scores at first putting SL against L1 - but also explained that L1 would get bigger crowds for SL matches etc and that in turn would be financially better and over time the gap would close - but when he mentioned splitting the money a bit more even that is when the proverbial hit the fan All the SL members attacked him and gave every possible excuse against it and MS gave a polite good answer to everyone, - but was wasting his time they are not bothered about Rugby League in general just themselves. The thing is none of the Super Greed teams will settle for anything less than them getting their 1.8M each - that is the only reason they are wanting 10 teams - Sky Money divided by 10 is better than Sky Money divided by 12. Some people on the listing even said they didn't care about L1 teams and that only the ELITE mattered - if i remember correctly when it was mentioned that L1 would be worst hit one said "if any team cant survive without Sky money then they should fold" - Easy to say when you are getting 1.8 million per season! When Sky money drops again they will end up with 8 - at one point after being constantly told only the ELITE matter and the fact that in the 25/now 26 years of Super Greed only 4 teams have ever won, then I said "those ELITE 4 team plus the French should F*** O** and have a 6 team SLEurope and take all the Sky money [which is what they want ] and leave us to have 2 leagues of 15" We have just left a league of 10 and although all the teams in there are good to watch and try their best a league of ten is ######, At least if they go to 2 x 10 they will have the ###### leagues and it will leave a 16 team league for the rest if they all survive on the scraps? League Restructure Thread (Merged Threads
  6. Totally agree i haven't had sky for a few year - dont enjoy SL Will get Premier Sport and i watch a lot of Our League. Much more entertaining
  7. Hard Luck - missed your game it wasn't on Our League - dont have sky - Dont watch SL but will be getting Premier Sport - See you next year.
  8. Well said nice to see the team defend so well and even better when playing in our traditional strip. This strip should be kept so that everyone remembers who we are like they used to. Nice to see a lot of the old players at the match - look back at old pictures and you see the likes of Eddie Bowman, Buck and Tommo all wearing the famous BLUE band. Brilliant
  9. The RL originally secured a sky TV deal - The money should be shared equally! Self interest is when 12 clubs want best part of 2,000,000 each and wants the other 24 to share 2 ,000,000 between them. No team should have their money protected, all teams should be treat and funded the same way and then they can find their own way and their own earned position in the RL ladder. This will never happen when SL teams get such a vast amount compared to the other 24, That is self interest Wanting everyone TREAT EQUALLY is not self interest
  10. That's what i was saying in the previous answer to Dave T "People only mentioned Mergers - when they know they are free from it" Mostly the SG clubs - who wish all the "small clubs" merge - which means fewer clubs which funny enough means mote dosh for Super Greed clubs
  11. You mentioned Merger - That probably means your club is not one going to merge. The only people who mention it are free from it
  12. The 8s were the most interesting part about SL. I believe that the Sky money is down because 8s were cancelled - BY SL because All SL clubs sh*****g themselves that maybe, just maybe one of these years the 4 champ clubs would finish top and force 4 SL clubs down. So they pulled up the drawbridge and all secretly - some not so secretly want to stop P&R altogether to protect their millions
  13. I feel awfully sad for Coventry as they are an improving team, and for that matter I feel sorry for all the League One teams. BUT your not looking at the BIG PICTURE. By Taking 50k of all the 10 L1 teams that means we can add 41K to each of the teams in Super Greed £1,800000 plus £41,000 = £1,841000 -- Brilliant innit - Fix all the problems, that will? And as an added plus - for every L1 that folds this will mean an additional £1666 for each Super Greed team
  14. Because we dont have an "A" Team. A lot of the new local players went back to there local team's to get a game of Rugby and a few others also left, plus there will be some [to use Blain as an example] will/could be thinking about it because they are bound to be frustrated at not getting a game? Coach Thorman can only use 18 per week - everyone else not injured is missing out on a game and most rugby players careers are short so they want to play. An "A" team would fix this and could be part funded with the money usually paid out to Loan/Dual reg costs.
  15. Brilliant that - specially the episode when "Elton Welsby" cut over to Wigan dressing room at half time just in time to catch Alex Murphy tell a disappointing Wigan team "If you dont wanna try - - then can all just F*** O **" Look on his face as camera came back to EW
  16. ????????? Right now prob England France Wales Whitehaven?
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