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  1. He's pulled the defrnce in no end of times for Luke to score, just because he hasn't got the ball in his hand doesn't mean he's not having an effect.
  2. Was it really dangerous? The bloody player was hopping about on one leg trying to break free, then nose planted himself.
  3. Can't see how Bulls are top, least I've ever seen there for our game.
  4. 7'6". But Leigh have are going to sign an 8'1" prop.
  5. After watching Leigh on Sunday I think you're right. Lucky tge Ref gave them field position and Sheffield has bad luck with injury.
  6. That what is winding me up, the attendance of our supporters will be added to Shuddersfields.
  7. Davis Bussey Smith Impossible to pick 3. Davis for as he never takes a backwards step. Awesome.
  8. Or we've got short middles for a big pack
  9. First half every single set when Bradford was in their own half they got a 6 again or a penalty this calmed down in the second half which lead to our domination. Wildie control at the ruck was superb and only good defence prevented a lot of damage, Connor Jones pace may of exploited this better. Davis was brilliant and. Worth the money alone to see his complete lack of regard for his own body.
  10. He obviously wants championship rugby then.
  11. Looks like he's gone to C@s if you believe his wiki appearance tally
  12. If we get Zak I would believe there would be no one to touch us barring injuries. As degsy says bring on the dry surfaces!
  13. You'd have to get a long way up SL to find better backs.
  14. The plan is to loan Chizzy, Smith and Holmes out to teams that are playing Leigh.
  15. That wasn't the point. The point is why should I have to move my family because they can't see the game for God's sake. Not one comment about the spitting at away players. Conveniently ignored by all.
  16. My kids had to move because they couldn't see as the brains trust were stood up all game. No consideration for anyone else. Should I start on the language?
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