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  1. Can't say I'm getting carried away with this one, if he runs out with a Rovers shirt on I'll be amazed. However the last 2 ex NRL players had a great experience at the club so maybe word gets around.
  2. maybe we should let the full time teams play on a Monday.
  3. That's two of us, don't like to concept either.
  4. no idea. Do you need badges to be a coach. I have a bronze, does that count? he could borrow it.
  5. My money is on Hardmen as assistant.
  6. We should change our name to the Roosters. RL should be played in 4 x 20 min quarters making it attractive to TV schedules and advertising breaks there should also be a 5 minute power play period, and played at any point in the game by the team captain where all points are worth double. discusd that.
  7. I agree he may not have the pace off the mark but as a pivot he's far superior to Parata. I thought it a shame when he left us, he reads the game very well.
  8. Regarding Nu, when does he come back from holiday? 3rd of November by any chance?
  9. I was in Dewsbury last week, first time I've been in to the centre. I can't believe how poorly they are supported when you take into account the size of the town, eclipses Featherstone, Castleford and Pontefract. They should have 5k at games not 200.
  10. Major player signing is probably more of a resigning Brown staying put! We would of heard about him going else where before now!
  11. The only thing that stopped Featherstone this season as being part time and playing double the games of their nearest rivals.
  12. Well that's a right load of bull.
  13. Well that's me done until he goes.
  14. Super League Another club that doesn’t own a bean. LOL
  15. Chester he's another one that knows how to coach a team to the bottom.
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