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  1. Just watched Ben catch the Cornwall full back got loads of pace!
  2. Not family friendly. Told by a steward that the stand they've been Kicked out of was closed due to spitting at the away players. Lovely. Not great when they are stood up in front of you all game. Put them back in the section of stand where they usually are and police it propery.
  3. remember it well, it was my twins 4th birthday and spent the week before not having a pass out for the game, at the 11th hour my freedom was secured, due to much begging and sulking. I got to see the game and back in time for a pirate theme birthday party with a house full. Every birthday is a reminder of a great day and accomplishment by my team!
  4. that’s what I'm thinking Robin, we’ve failed 3 times now.
  5. I think you have decided on your own narrative.
  6. It's the 2 or 3 games at the end of the season, that's all that counts you need to get your head around that. The league itself is just a minor distraction to practice for the end game. I would imagine that there will be a few favourites in the pack that will not be playing by the end too, I would get used to it.
  7. Luckily we have income over and above gate receipts.
  8. Jacks Leilua Cuthbertson Tough one as I think they all played well in attack.
  9. That's good as he's been ###### for two seasons.
  10. It's not just his goal kicks, his kick offs are superb too cause the opposition loads of problems.
  11. Do the stats state where the tries/goals were taken from, I think not. The way Toulouse took most teams apart I expect most kicks were taken from in front of the posts. I believe you are too simplistic in your analysis.
  12. My only criticism of Pickersgill is his pace, I don't think he has a top gear. Other than that he is very good.
  13. Ford's next to be announced
  14. Whoo knows, hut I'm excited by our ambition. I would imagine we're building a team for the play-offs.
  15. How do you know we haven’t. Can’t please some people.
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