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  1. All of this. Go play whatever sport you want lads, whenever you want, for more money…..always the reason. But let’s not fawn over them when they’re gone. Please?
  2. Carter fuming that he’ll miss out on £723 bar receipts from the loop fixture. That’s a month’s pay for a wakey top 30 player.
  3. The most irrelevant rugby league match since the Rugby League irrelevant 13s played the Rugby League irrelevant Iguanas. Irrelevant.
  4. Oh my gosh. Peak Rugby League ladies and gentlemen.
  5. What’s the turncoat after now? Players? Training methods? S & C advice?
  6. Yep, this sport is the king of insularity and small-time thinking. Always and forever.
  7. Watched since the mid 80s, that is THE worst season I’ve watched in that time. Easily.
  8. Wires get battered…..everywhere we go…. Even (especially) the HJ, so tonight will be no different. Cas by 10.
  9. Amazing that this hasn’t been locked yet given the tripe in it and previous locking of threads for similar.
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