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  1. What do our Aussie posters think about this? Good? Bad? Indifferent? They seemed to pay the most, but I’ve read a lot in recent years about 9 not pushing rugby league enough. Especially under the previous Hugh Marks regime. He’s gone now of course so……?
  2. Regardless of the swings and the roundabouts one of our biggest clubs in the game does not own its own ground. I’m a wire fan so can laugh on the one hand, but as a rugby league fan it’s a genuine worry and quite sad to see what’s going on.
  3. …..in a soccer ground that they’re 2nd class tenants in.
  4. Not surprising, it’s a soccer ground. Wigan RL play in a soccer ground sadly. That’s all.
  5. No, just interested as it’s a testimonial and as a RL fan I always hope for a good turnout.
  6. Don’t worry about it mate, take a chill pill and watch telly.
  7. Expanding? “Expanding”” into Brisbane is like “Expanding” into Wigan. Does not a lot to increase the footprint of the NRL. Perth…..Adelaide…..NZ2…..that’s expansion.
  8. Pathetic click bait article with few attributed quotes. If any top level rugby league club needs to rely on away fans to survive then they don’t deserve to be in super league in the first place. Simples.
  9. That’s all. Delighted as a fan of the sport, another big city in the top league is only a good thing to grow the game. Happy days!
  10. Exactly that, I’m sure it’s a decent atmosphere as the crowd looks good and they’ve even got a band playing! It was the same sadly with the Catalan home semi last week. Frustrating to listen to really.
  11. I’m a Warrington fan so……er…..none. Zero. Zilch. Nowt.
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