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  1. Cas by 200 at least................but really hoping Salford snatch a sneaky win.
  2. I've said it already, changing the name of our game to 'The Greatest Game' is the way to go. If we believe it....say it. All replies to 'Futtocks' please.
  3. I think that it would be a very move to change the name of our game from 'Rugby League', 'Superleague' 'NRL' etc to.... 'The Greatest Game'. Rugby Yawnion arrogantly changed their name to just Rugby, dropping 'Union' ignoring Rugby League altogether. It's time we gained the initiative, especially if changes are afoot in Superleague, with possible NRL and RL involvement, this could be an opportunity to unite under the banner of: 'The Greatest Game'.
  4. After all, we at Salford are so unfashionable, its' no surprise that we're not mentioned in despatches, but we're just happy to let the more 'attractive' clubs take all the pressure.
  5. No mention of Salford...........that's the way we like it.
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