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  1. Its going to be very tight, but I predict that: Rervers fans will shout 'Forward' 4 million times, the ref will ignore them and Salford go on to win by a golden point. Deja vu
  2. That's the 'trying cicumstances' I was referring to Harry. Watson is a one trick pony, 5 up the jersey, kick it and hope for a mistake. He's got the money to buy creative players, he buys them: Connor, Fages and Lolohea and then doesn't know what to with them. None of the 3 mentioned improved under him. He was an honest hard working journeyman of a player with no pace or special ball skills and that is reflected in his coaching. A nice chap though.
  3. Oh no, 'got to remark on Watto's future, I think he's doing a decent job in very trying circumstances and Davy Crocket should stick with him for at least another decade.
  4. Red Devils by 3 scores, as we are back to an almost full side, and it's the same side for 3 games now. I admire the positiveness of the Wakey fans, but Salford are back on form and aiming for the top 6, I think that's too much for Wakey to handle.
  5. Schhh...I hear the tumbleweed blowing across Fartown. Have a great weekend Measty Baby........I will !!!
  6. MeastyBaby, I'm going to the game tomorrow night, come up and introduce yourself, I'll sit right in the middle of the main stand, I'll be easy to see there's always plenty of space there.
  7. MeastyBaby, I'm going to the game tomorrow night, come up and introduce yourself, I'll sit right in the middle of the main stand, I'll be easy to see there's always plenty of space there.
  8. Gocha!! Knew you'd react MeastyBaby, you're a easy catch for any fisherman! Now just put your head forward and I'll administer the last rites with the priest and put you out of your misery. BTW All losing runs must come to an end, and Friday against Shudds/Fartown is the perfect place for us to start winning ways again. Now don't react MeastyBaby, you'll only hurt your lip again.
  9. Shudds 0 Salford 28 has a nice ring to it, with Ian Watson standing on the touchline, arms folded, wearing his cap and looking like a schoolboy who doesn't know where his next lesson is. Is the match at The John Smith's Stadium or Fartown btw? The Shudds fans always seem a bit confused as to where they actually are.
  10. Reality Check News report: It's been 5 years now since Leigh Leopards last won a match and the Leigh owner 'Spotty', previously known as Derek Morency Beaumont, has just announced that he is folding the 2nd division club forever, selling his decking business and starting up a leotard making business in the town by bringing cheap labour from Wigan. He doesn't think the leotard business will take Leigh by the short n curlies, but the thought of wearing a leotard each day and all day is so, so attractive.
  11. The highlight for me was seeing Dekker 'scent marking' the Wembley pitch at the end.
  12. I've changed my mind on the result of the game on Sunday as I'm so impressed by the convincing arguments put to this forum by the Leotards fans as to why Salford needn't show up beacuse Leigh are so much better and a whopping 4 points further up the table! Leigh by a massive score is a certainty and you Leythers can relax as Sunday is a foregone conclussion.
  13. A 'Trinity' of wins, well done x 3!!! And they have a very good chance at 'Shouldersfield' next week, and if they do win, I think Dr Watson's life support will be cut off.
  14. Who knows who will win this one, in this 'topsy turvey' season? 2 weeks ago the Leeds fans were calling for their Coach to get the sack, now Leeds will sweep everyone before them, apparently. Salford will show a reaction to a very poor performance last weekend, or will they? Is red cabbage, green grocery?
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