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  1. 'Don't really care who wins, but what I want to see is a good 'tear-up' with at least 4 of each side sent off for long bans and extra time played. Perhaps even the Coaches having a 'handbags' set to in front of the camaras, that would be an additional bonus. Yes, it's called 'vested interest' and I'm not ashamed of it, as we play both clubs soon. 'Every little helps'
  2. The battle of the 'Fords' with 'Sal' to win by 10. (see what I did there?)
  3. Many thanks Josef K for a very fair revue of the match, it's refreshing to read a report about a match where credit is given to both teams. Cheers Pete.
  4. Salford to pip it, based on they've had nearly 2 days more rest than Trin and they will, HOPEFULLY, give a positive reaction to the nilling at Wigin.
  5. As a fan of the Greatest Game for a long, long time, I've finally come to the conclusion that Rugby League and all other Professional Sport are just like a TV 'Soaps' RL certainly has most of the main ingredients for a successful Soap: Jeopardy (of relegation, or of going out of existence) Heros (our team's players & coaches - when they win) Villians (too numerous to mention) Drama Triangles (aggressors, victims and peacemakers that constantly change position) Love affairs (well....not really, only stories of player's misdameanors with other player's wives) What does the forum think...and keep it clean. Pete
  6. Well played Fartown, enjoy your victory. All the best for the rest of the season. Pete
  7. Being one of the 30% that forecasted a Salford win in the forum vote before last night's game, I'm obviously really pleased with the Salford performance at The-Mend-a-Sock Jungle Wheldon Road and that 'Bell Sir Kev' was found wanting, once again.
  8. Yes me too, btw as a way of convincing my wife that my new 'unauthorised' set of clubs were not new, I told her that they were infact my old clubs, but I'd had them 're-gripped'. Smart!
  9. Spilling hot oxo from a flimsy plastic cup all over my freezing hand.
  10. Suave, sophisticated Jeremy Gusgott of TinBath and Ingland Yawnion used to take questions about Yawnion from the Public on the BBC Sport website and so I asked him the following question: 'Hi Jeremy, With Union players now being fitter, taller and faster than when the game first started, there is obviously less room on the pitch for tries to be scored. What do you think about my suggestion of making the game better by taking the flankers out of the game, scrapping lineouts and mauls in an effort to make the game faster with more tries scored?' He choose not to answer my question..... I wonder why?
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