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  1. Would be the radio first always good to hear from Clint on the airwaves than a press release.
  2. Spot on Gav you can't have both and I'd rather pay £199 and be fighting for top end of the championship.Glad to see the knights have kept the under 16's free.
  3. Bradford seem to losing players and don't the club still owe RFL money so can't see Bradford improving on this season position,Keighley seem to be a club on the up like ourselves when we won league one,and are going to be the surprise team next season,but it's all about the knights bringing in better players in than this season and maybe having a bigger squad so we can rest players through out the season which we haven't been able to do this season.
  4. I think the players we have resigned for next season have all had good seasons and are worthy of new contracts,but i do agree Ogden has done nothing this season but have him again next season .certainly we need to bring in more size up top as we do lack size and power apart from 2P .
  5. Hopefully we will see the best of him next season if he can have a good pre season would like to see Liam Harris sign up for next season meaning we would have 3 quality half backs to choose from.
  6. Massive thumbs up to to the team and the coaching staff for that performance.
  7. Got nothing to lose hope we play with a bit of freedom and take Halifax by surprise.
  8. If we are going to challenge the likes of Featherstone and Halifax next season we have got improve our squad compared to this season where we finished in the last play off place and we haven't beaten either team this season.
  9. Another player who has been excellent this season and great we have signed him for another 2 years.
  10. Has been one of the finds of the season,let's hope he's still with the knights next season.
  11. I thought that stocky would have kicked on as a player this season,but hasn't been able for one reason or another and maybe a new club will help him achieve it.Would be a shame if Danny carries on for another season with another club because he has been one of our stand out players this season and will take some replacing next season.
  12. Wonder if the knights have a pre season friendly with the rhinos included in the transfer deal and the knights keep all the gate receipts from the game.
  13. Good luck to him and let's hope he makes it at the Rhinos obviously think highly of him to give him a four year contract,wonder if the knights received a transfer fee for him as he was still under contract at the knights.
  14. Been a stand out player for the knights this season and hopefully won't have to play for nearly the full 80 minutes in games as he has done in the last couple of months.
  15. A win is a win ,but we are struggling with our attacking plays again last night and having to rely on our defence to win us games obviously losing Hingano early in the game didn't help us but we still have enough talent to finish our attacking sets better than we did last night ,but felt that we were always in control of the game against average opposition.
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