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  1. According to James Glover he's excited with the calibre of players we are retaining and bringing in to the club for next season
  2. Still would like to see another half back,can't go with just 2 like last season and maybe another winger,don't know if Dixon has been offered a contract for next season and he can kick goals as well
  3. Big year for Ronan keeps threatening to be a top player,but just not consistent enough hope it's next season
  4. Would rather sign Nikau,didn't think Salter was that impressive this season
  5. Hope Kris doesn't call a day one of the best hooker's in the championship when fit
  6. Great effort from everyone at the knights
  7. Thought John flatman would only spend what came into the club and a lot of knights supporters let the knights keep the money from the season previous to help the club recruit supposedly better players for this season,presume one of the club's are London who have already announced that they are going part time next season
  8. Great player always gave 100% to knights,obviously got to look after himself and his family
  9. Probably the best signing the knights could have made and on a two year contract shows the ambition the knights have for next season
  10. Has to go down as one of the best signings under fordy always led from the front and has been a great captain for the knights,thanks for everything you have given to the knights
  11. Has had a good season with the knights and has probably been the best of the super league signings over the season
  12. Both good half backs and we have struggled at keeping a settled 6 and 7 this season,would like to see Morgan Smith stay with us and we need to have at least 3players in those positions for next season as we have had to bring in players all season to cover those positions due to no strength in depth
  13. To be honest i wouldn't sign any of the them,need to sign younger championship players who know the division with maybe a a couple of experienced players like Horne and Benny .Would like to see Marsh,Morgan Smith,Jubb and Brinning all sign contracts for next season and build the team around them
  14. Didn't have allocated seats at BC and worked well especially if you were going with other people,would be more than happy if you could sit any where next season with a season ticket than been given a allocated seat
  15. Would be great to see 2500 knights fans at the game
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