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  1. Will the knights open up a third stand on the night,city got 2500 the other night with all four stands open.
  2. Poor planning on RFL part playing 4 games on the Sunday instead of the Saturday,should have had Bradford and Halifax finishing the Saturday and Featherstone and Leigh completing the Sunday at 5pm instead of the 7.30pm game between us and Thunder
  3. Was allocated the same seats as last season and didn't use them as we went with other people and wanted to sit together which we wouldn't have been able to do,went to the city game over Christmas and got a seat number,but you didn't have to sit in the that seat as long as you sat in that section,but do agree on opening another stand for away supporters.
  4. Didn't play Friday according to Fordy he wouldn't have got anything out of the game and certainly more positives than negatives came out of the game
  5. Puk


    Only reason it won't be played if either team has Covid,no change to the restrictions in England according to Boris
  6. Always rated him and will be a loss to Fev,but one player doesn't make a team.
  7. Would be great to see Joe back in a knights shirt next season after a bad injury .
  8. No real surprise not been retained,poor first half of the season and another year older.
  9. Glad he's signed a new contract and reading the Q and A he has learned a lot from last season which will make him a better coach in the future .
  10. Would definitely not resign Cuthbertson thought he was poor last season and like Simon would have Salter if he could reproduce the form from 2019
  11. Great utility player could fill in any position in the backs,but might have been offered more game time at Sheffield hope he's made the right decision
  12. It should go on league positions at the time would get more competitive games.
  13. Great player and remember him at York when he was just starting out you could tell then he was going to go on to greater things,was the difference between us and the Bulls this season just ran the game and i think it was one of his first games back after injury.
  14. Great that BOH has resigned for next season like others have said he his a class act and have 4 great half backs for next season if you include Marshy,disappointed Nikau is leaving the knights would have been a good option in the forwards for the us.
  15. If Danny can produce his second half of the season form he will be a great signing.
  16. Hope Joe resigns for the knights,gives his all and is a great interchange from the beach,also hope Clarkson resigns does a lot of the defensive work which sometimes goes unnoticed
  17. According to James Glover he's excited with the calibre of players we are retaining and bringing in to the club for next season
  18. Still would like to see another half back,can't go with just 2 like last season and maybe another winger,don't know if Dixon has been offered a contract for next season and he can kick goals as well
  19. Big year for Ronan keeps threatening to be a top player,but just not consistent enough hope it's next season
  20. Would rather sign Nikau,didn't think Salter was that impressive this season
  21. Hope Kris doesn't call a day one of the best hooker's in the championship when fit
  22. Thought John flatman would only spend what came into the club and a lot of knights supporters let the knights keep the money from the season previous to help the club recruit supposedly better players for this season,presume one of the club's are London who have already announced that they are going part time next season
  23. Great player always gave 100% to knights,obviously got to look after himself and his family
  24. Probably the best signing the knights could have made and on a two year contract shows the ambition the knights have for next season
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