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  1. So from what I gather nobody has a clue what 2023 will look like, making 2022 a complete farce. why would any championship club spend any more than the bare minimum if they can’t get promoted due to 2 x 10’s coming in, but no, not a vibrant comp with 10 FT clubs in it but an underfunded PT comp the winners of which have an even bigger mountain to climb and the relegated into it moving to PT unless you have a Davy to fund you for a season as the only FT club in a PT comp The sport as almost lost me over this last straw, wonder if TW fancy joining a new comp
  2. The sport is on a life support machine and the refs are allowing every trick in the book to slow it down and ruin the spectacle, tricks coached into players btw. Is it any wonder crowds are poor, atmosphere shocking and viewers bored.
  3. What a meaningless statement by the highest paid clerk in the world. If we are having 2 x 10 in 2023 clubs must know now so that they can budget according to ambition, ie Leigh would stay FT with P&R and build for SL 2023, which the recruitment has been so far but if 2023 will be the top 8 in the Championship plus the bottom 2 in SL then you dont stay FT and spend as little as you need to. Has anyone seen anything about 2023 season?
  4. Radical change needed to attract money but the Turkeys will still vote on Christmas
  5. Real incentive to build then next year for ambitious championship clubs.
  6. Leeds have refused the first official put forward and asked why they cant just pick their own like normal.
  7. So you were one of the 1200? I have lots of time for the fans who stick in the tough years, there was a bloke with a 10-5 flag I used to chat to at both grounds around that time
  8. You gotta love the new HKR fans who forget they couldn’t draw 1500 in early 2000’s, yet they have all been lifelongers
  9. You won’t get a look in mate and it would get worse if it’s close
  10. This is the law, apparently: To be onside at a kick, an active player not in possession of the ball, must be behind the player who kicks the ball. If you are in front of the kicker, make sure you don't get involved with open play. You can do this by raising your arms and running back to an onside position. This shows the referee you have no intention of joining play because you know you're offside. However, if you make no attempt to move back to an onside position as play continues, the referee will award a penalty to the opposition.'' My understanding is that the players to the kickers right moved forward and were within the 10m when Crooks knocked it back (he was onside), still in front of the kicker. As they say its chip paper tonight but I understand the Hood try was disallowed as he was in front of the kicker although the KR player knocked it back to him
  11. That’s the rule but that is irrelevant when Leigh are the team on the wrong end. Crooks was on the player who knocked on wasn’t, same for Leigh’s disallowed try Challenger on but Hood off.
  12. So offside players being within 10m of the ball is no longer an offside after the ball has been touched, if so why was hoods chalked off?
  13. Is the 10m rule unless the kicker plays you onside still a rule? I also dont think the prop got the ball down for another KR try. Great effort again from a team that had to sign 3 loans during the week to get 17 out and then lost our biggest prop in warm up. Brierley and Elliot back, the 2 aussie forwards plus Ashworth and we can win a couple this year
  14. Yes he should, the ability to find the 6/7 quality players was the issue due to covid. We are in a great spot financially though having not taken any loans, Dexy hasn't had to tip in for 5 years and well over 500k in the clubs cash account as today.
  15. They aren’t, Sky would want LSV in super league due to facilities to broadcast from and atmosphere. they also want characters and Derek is certainly one of those as his the new multi millionaire new guy. They want Leigh to do a Leicester which without salary restrictions may well be possible before 2025. Listening to a cow bell in an empty stadium is not what Sky want, no matter how brilliant for the game Ken Davy is
  16. Keep chucking you will get one right at some point - 2 up and no relegation is 14 teams, unequal funding will make it tough for Fev especially without a benefactor. I expect Leigh and TO to spend big, I expect Salford and Wakey to be desperate for every penny - 4 of those 5 will not be in the 10 for 2023
  17. Not SL standard though, honest and the best in the championship but not up to SL anymore. They will need a complete pack.
  18. www.sky.com/superleague/restructure Have TO a forward under 30!!!
  19. 14 Clubs will mean others destined for the Championship will be in SL also. Fev and TO are fekked
  20. Can we have Tommy Makinson BACK please, that should be Harry. That half who was rumoured to be going to Salford will do well for us
  21. Had it on very good authority that we have 14 players available to select from as of yesterday. Each will draw a position from a hat and the 3 other bench spots will not even warm up
  22. Leigh have a young pack so far for 2022 SL Tomkins will be the experience needed to get the right mix.
  23. In general if you go down the VC direction they want at least 51% of the business so they control exit. what’s difficult is how to value SL, and what was crazy was the deal put forward last time which almost guaranteed their money back in a relative short time if someone offered 100m for 20% then it’s worth a serious look
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