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  1. Leigh were on the up and favourites to go up in 2001, good display in CC and romping the league, with money available to strengthen if needed. The previous year Dewsbury were refused promotion due to ground, Leigh were told they needed a further 1000 seats to meet minimum standards, despite having far more seats than a few clubs in SL at the time. Leigh spent £30k seating theTS stand, Widnes strengthened and got promoted. Those clubs still haven’t got the number of seats today
  2. Cas fans are pretty good but despite years of success and making the play offs last season Cas only averaged 700 more than Leigh did in ‘17, is that because of the poor ground and pitch?
  3. It’s like stealing a blokes trainers after he’s been run over - shocking morals and good to see nobody else making announcements
  4. We will lose far more than £1m not playing. TO are out for the season, meaning 18 weeks to go. It’s about £80k per club, borrow it from the pot
  5. 1st of May, no approach can be made without going via the club he plays for before that date. Really poor show from Cas when all clubs should be pulling together
  6. They are closed anyway, plus there would be about 15 exit points, I am sure something can be organised and if no ale the loo queues would be tiny
  7. Disappointed under current reality, very poor show from Cas as breaking ranks openly could open a can of worms
  8. Pretty easy to do, sell connected seats to family members as a single trans action, alternate rows with a 2 seat gap between transactions. No tickets on day and terraces closed, same queues as supermarkets at turn styles . We could get 2500-3500 in and Fev 1500 or so.
  9. Let’s say SL clubs play without loop fixtures and magic, and that Cats and TW are out of further fixtures - Aug to Nov is plenty to run the season, same applies to championship. Come November Cats v TW can have a million pound game to settle the relegation spot........
  10. If the Championship is scrapped a whole can of worms opens up 1. With no income how do players get paid, assuming furlough wont last forever 2. Why would you borrow money from the £16m to pay back at a later date to pay players who can't play 3. If fans request pro rata refunds how many clubs would remain 4. Is the best thing for all clubs to go pop, reforming immediately without contracts to pay until new ones start in 2021
  11. so how do clubs pay them? They obviously wont bother taking a loan to pay somebody who refuses to play and isn't with you next season
  12. No reason, unless it was 20 years since our last so it could be a celebration
  13. You keep p&r in a 14 team comp, and hopefully not too any clubs are outside a T6 play off and the relegation fight. If you keep magic make it a regular round of fixtures. The only way a midseason break for internationals would work is if Origin is played over 3 weekends with NZ Tonga and Samoa coming over for a 4 nations. Much prefer 2 tens
  14. Pointless fixtures destroy gates as shown by super eights, 14 is better than 12 though but we have A great opportunity to be more radical
  15. My guess is mid August, play to Xmas and you get a full season in. You must ring fence the promoted club though due to recruitment challenges
  16. Here is what my crystal ball is telling me. SL to resume but behind closed doors, and not to include TW or Cats. 6 games will be played over sat and Sunday at 2 venues all live on Sky. Bradford and Leigh have been asked to fill in, and will be included in a 14 team 2021 SL from which 1 will be relegated
  17. https://wigan.gov.uk/News/Articles/2020/April/Generous-donations-boost-boroughs-Covid-19-response.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2iMK77ohc0vLk6H92lBcXp-MprgjSII7H1jAHIbXjxn6Gzo5STOhApKLs
  18. Are RU and Rhinos The same company and as such have the same assets and as such money taken will assist the RU club?
  19. You ring fence the assets, then take a share in the financial performance of the club
  20. Make players paye on rolling 3 month contracts, if they get a long term deal and don’t perform they have 3 months to find a new club
  21. You must admire Leigh, won promotion twice, relegated after a season twice yet didn’t go pop as a result, great management
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