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  1. Can't see us holding forth with the games we have left I can possible see another 4 points, 2 dews, 2 possibly against Bradford, can't see us doing anything at London on current form or leigh, barrow apart from fev at home which could be interesting possible could get 6 points out of there last few games! I think this will be the final table, Leigh Fev Fax Barrow Batley York Anyone else dare to predict!
  2. why do you think bradford did us a favour?
  3. I'm not saying what linners did was right probably unprofessional! But I can assure you there was more than one person felt like telling him to do one, he was spoiling the game for a quite a few people not for the first time I might add like you said he's been at it 20yr,not once on Sunday did he show any encouragement towards the team he supposedly supports! We were all frustrated with what was happening on the field but still trying to encourage the team! And for reference I've been going to the mount over 40yrs been on the scoreboard and kit lad when I was younger! And I sit in the same spot every week a few rows in front of moaning mini!
  4. I was sat just in front of him and that's not true he was continually shouting about offsides, continually shouting at the touch judge, complaining about the kick off, style and shouting at linners to quote, "get some bloody coaching done! He was a pain all through the game not just for me but others around me! And for reference the the kick we use is a tactical kick putting it high into the corner gives time for our players to get on top of them before they make ground, if you watch the game properly instead of moaning you will see its very effective,
  5. Believe me fella if linners hadnt said it I would have! the idea of going to a game is to support your team not tear them to pieces and he was at it non stop!
  6. That guy needed effin at! he did nothing but criticise from minute one!
  7. People are so quick to criticise! Have you forgotten we are still in Forth place and if we finish anywhere in the top 6 you would all say it's a great season for us! we have had a tough spell of games in the last 2 weeks, 4 games to barrows 2,Today we had an off day, maybe it's caught up with the players, believe me it was hot out there today and it drains your energy pretty quick,i can tell you now nobody goes out to lose a game! Don't forget Barrow are also in the top six and playing well so it's not like we have lost to a load of mugs, barrow looked fresher quicker and more enthusiastic today and probably expected a tougher game! It was disappointing today! But overall its been a great season so far! So think about that before you start tearing YOUR TEAM so harshly to pieces!
  8. I read last night samutts 1 game ban has been upheld does that mean he won't be playing Sunday?
  9. Could be a tough one again! I heard Leaky and kaye are both down with knee ligament damage and could be unlikely for the rest of the season, with other injuries starting to bite it could be a tough old run in for us!
  10. To me linners saying that the midweek game didn't have an effect on our boys was wrong! it's not an excuse when you can see that it did clearly effect some of the players, it's not just the midweek game that comes in to it our boys have full time jobs too! Work all week play sat, 1 day off work again 2 days, play weds back to work 2 days again train sat morn, play sunday, in todays game or any modern sport that's a tough ask of anyone, mentally and physically! If grix can realise it in his interview what a tough ask it was, I'm sure linners should take it into account too! So I'm afraid I think linners although honest was harsh on our boys!
  11. Let's put this into perspective it was our 3rd game in 8 days tough ask for any team to play all 3 at 100% at any level, we won 2 lost 1,would we have settled for that YES! Would we have preferred not play a tough midweek game before this one YES! Did it have an affect on the game YES! even the fax coach said he wasn't taking too much out of the game because he knew how difficult it was for batley to play 3 in 8, you could see quite a few batley players were off the pace tonight which lead to us letting in some very sloppy tries! So I thought linners comments were a bit harsh on our boys! Did halifax play well YES! They had a game plan to slowly grind us down giving us very little field position which they did, sometimes as said you just have to take things on the chin and move on! which is all we can do because barrow next week won't be easy! As for Campbell he's been excellent all season for us, tonight he had a nightmare and doesn't need constantly reminding of it, as for the sending off for me it was all open handed contact maybe one too many but not over the top! Although you would have thought the way jouffret went down he'd received a right hander from TYSON!
  12. I apologise! the premier sports guy is an idiot. Come to think of it so is my source and he could be playing in the grand final
  13. According to my sources the final is at headingley, and one of the premier sports team also let it slip out during the summer bash
  14. My sources tell me the final is at headingley, and apparently one of the premier sports team let it slip out at the summer bash too!
  15. I believe the grand final is at headingley this year not the top teams home ground!
  16. Il just put this! out there for a quick discussion seeing as where getting close to the end, every one is hoping that batley finish 3rd which would be a fantastic achievement, and gain home advantage in the play offs, take out the financial benefits, is playing at home going to be an advantage for us? given the way we have played at home this year which isn't great!
  17. I've heard 2 figures mentioned regarding gilmore 40k and 60k at widnes which unfortunately for us is around half a dozen players! Plus he doesn't have to travel far for training! As mentioned before I don't blame anyone for leaving for more money in this game! although I did here gilmore had turned down higher offers to stay with batley this year! Both Hooley and gilmore have been great servants for our club and I wish them all the luck in the world where ever they go!
  18. Could be a money thing while their out on loan we're not paying there wages, apparently we a struggling to pay wages to the squad we have now on our very low income unfortunately!
  19. Everybody has their eye on this one but im not sure if this game is what's going to settle 3rd place a win for us gives us a 4 point gap going a long way to possibly sealing 3rd spot, but then we have two very difficult games after this, barrow home, London away,2 wins? where as fax have thunder and bulls at home 2 wins yes! so there could still be a few more twists and turns yet!
  20. Thought we were poor first half and looked to be lacking energy, we were camped in their 20 for long periods constantly doing the same old thing give the man the ball and try barge over!! Honestly didnt think we had enough on the board at half time considering they had only been in our 20 twice and scored twice, 2nd half we came out and looked re, energized tackled hard and played some good stuff, thought this was a very difficult game not helped by some terrible reffin which I wouldn't normally say being a ref myself, my thoughts were although only a young lad, he lost the game in the first 20 mins what you might call being old manned! letting Sheffield dictate the pace and being constantly harried by farrell who is a pain in the arrse!! he never took full control of the game and lacked authority,not helped by one dodgy linesman on one side the big guy who did nothing! And then having to be reminded about the rules by the other one, when the guy went off for a head assessment, but hay ho! and all that! The boys did the job and hopefully they have some energy left to do a job on Halifax sunday!
  21. Thankfully the dewsbury game was more like a training game for us and probably hasn't taken too much out of our boys still not sure if linners will rotate a few bodies, I reckon we could do without this midweek game especially with another short turn around to what's sure to be a tough game at Halifax, can't see it being easy on weds but hopefully it won't be as tough as the away game, if we go down hill first half Id like at least 20+ points on the board. Anyway good luck boys il be watching!
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