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  1. Teddy is the incumbent captain and had a super game as Melbourne pipped them just last weekend. I'd still be picking him in the Green and Gold. Walsh is a super young talent. His pace really frightens edges and he's not afraid to try things. Origin was his coming-out party and he is going to be a star for many years. Ponga has so much class and would be my back-up to Teddy. He is head knock-prone and I do worry whether he's going to knock-on at the back sometimes. A silky player and someone who's going to be putting pressure on for that jumper, alongside Walsh. I don't like the mocking of Welsby. He is a super player and deserves to be held up in the same breath as his contemporaries in the NRL. His strength is his ability to magic things up and try things.
  2. RL is king in PNG. My favourite nation to watch play the sport. What a rock-star welcome for the Aussies; full of adulation and fanaticism. Is this game on Sky in the UK and Ireland this morning?
  3. “No one shook my hand and said ‘you’ve done well’ or ‘you’ve helped the club’. To get the news as a phone call after 16 years of my life dedicated to Huddersfield, and to only get the call because of a presentation evening where they were going to release that I was retiring, I think it’s a bit s*it.''
  4. Thank you for your interesting analysis. You raise some very concerning points. I think the catchment area one is going to prove to be a real point of controversy.
  5. It's a thread about why we may have drifted away. In my case, it was a principled stand - and didn't affect my love of the game. I am glad to have come back since they have binned doing what I referred to. I wish the SL had had your approach to the issue.
  6. Did you remove my post about why I decided to turn off games and enjoy other things? Seems a bit harsh.
  7. A fantastic guy and a super wingman over his long career. I thought he was the player of the tournament in 2017, in all honesty. His carries from his line to get sets up and going provided so much yardage. Wishing him the very best in his next chapter.
  8. But he's Samoan, isn't he?!!! It shows that there is still a lot to be done to elevate the island teams, and even NZ. Players are naturally drawn to the legacy of the Green and Golds.
  9. Newcastle were always going to struggle today - away from home, a raucous Auckland crowd, a short turnaround, and several key players out. Super season by Young that he can be very happy with. Part of me thinks that this is a Knights team on the up and that Young may regret walking away for the money and the stature of a big city club. His departure could be seen as somewhat similar to Herbie leaving the Broncos.
  10. No good to paper over blunders like that. With the minute-attention that every movement and utterance gets in the drama-filled Aussie media landscape, it is only right that some people will choose to ''blow up deluxe'' - to paraphrase one of the terms I have heard on some of the more red-top outlets. I would be focusing on practical ways of improving things, like going back down the field on the say of the Bunker and re-setting the clock - and getting Mr. Klein an urgent appointment at one of Sydney's most respected opticians.
  11. The try after the knock-on was the difference, unfortunately.
  12. Wow! Melbourne snatch it in the last minute with Warbrick rising over Pauga off a pin-point cross-kick from Munster. Really hard on resilient Roosters. I thought Radley was Man of the Match. Most influence I've seen from him in a while. Tedesco was super. Melbourne get out of jail there. I'm not sure that they deserved to win that.
  13. Brandy seemed to be saying that Reimis Smith had his hand on the ball as he pulled it in. I think he used the ground and pulled it in in a forward motion. Correct call by the Bunker IMO.
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