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  1. My brother who's a sprint nerd always says that you need to relax to run fast. The Hammer looks like someone who's trained in athletics. Letsile Tebogo of Botswana set a new 100m Junior WR over the weekend, while celebrating over the last 10-15 metres.
  2. I think it's appalling and saddening to see a betting company logo plastered over the front of the England shirt. I'm looking forward to having a look at your piece, Tides. I suspect that I shall probably agree with some of what you say.
  3. Incredible milestone. Always enjoyed watching him play down though the years.
  4. Have Premier and C4 management been in your ear and told you to replace ''Sure is, Mark'' with ''Certainly is, Mark''? I've noticed the latter popping up in your comments. Keep up the good work, champ. One of the most likeable co-comms at present. Best wishes from Ireland.
  5. As an Irishman, I have mixed feelings on players ''coming out of the woodwork'' for World Cups. I have really admired players such as Littler, Foy, Finn, McCarthy, etc. who have fully committed and played consistently for the team. I struggle though to get enthused at the prospect of a virtually fully heritage squad. The Wolfhounds do need more meaningful, regular games as well.
  6. Coaches could just tell their players to steer clear of Teletext/Ceefax and to stay off TotalRL. That way it doesn't matter what time the games kick off.
  7. Don't know how Toulouse lost that... Hull KR were throwing the ball around and coming up with errors. TO 16-6 up, and the last 15-20 minutes sees them get turned over. I thought TO just had to keep it tight n straight up the middle. Alvaro, Sangaré, Belmas, Peyroux, etc. were getting them good ground. SKD was really central for KR, but I thought that was a game that the Gallic cellars dwellers should have tied up and strangled the life out of their opposition. Georgia Stanway is a better analyst that either WILKIN or MCDERMOTT.
  8. TO to win 24-16. Looking forward to seeing the Sangaré and Alvaro 1-2 punch up front for the Gallic cellar dwellers.
  9. I'd imagine Noafoaluma will be on the right wing with To'o on the left. I'd have the Hammer at Left Centre, if he goes with Samoa - Crichton would go well there also. I agree that Suaalii will be their #1, if he opts for Samoa. If he doesn't I actually think they might have a look at Crichton there, in order to get everybody in. Tago at Right Centre to complete the backline. Harsh on young May who's been one of the revelations of the year, but I feel the experience of Noafoaluma might go better in English conditions. 1. Suaalii / Crichton 2. Noafoaluma 3. Tago 4. The Hammer / Crichton 5. To'o That would be some backline!
  10. Papalii is on the homeward bound leg of his career, but I think he can still add 20 minute stints to solidify them upfront. I just hope he doesn't treat it as a jolly this time around. I like him as a chap. Hope he can bring a few more along with him. That might be the best part of him declaring for Samoa. He's an older head who younger guys will be more likely to follow. Wishing him well.
  11. I not quibbling or disputing antonyms and have no issues with people using ''women's''. I'm just saying that ''ladies''' is also acceptable - and is indeed sometimes used.
  12. Shocked to see images of one of the England ladies jumping around in a sports bra - and on the front of a national paper's sports section, no less.
  13. ''Ladies'' is probably seen as a bit old hat and pompous by crusaders for modernity and lowering of the bar, haha.
  14. The game that made me sit back and say ''Yeah, this is a guy who could come through and play for England'' was the Challenge Cup Final at Tottenham. I felt he showed a range and a maturity that suggested an ability to step up, improve, and compete at the required level. I don't know whether I'd have him there this year, but he'd have a higher ceiling and better long-term promise than Sneyd, IMO.
  15. I might have had Sneyd in the England squad back when he was piloting Hull to Wembley success. I like him, but I think that ship has unfortunately sailed. I just think he's a bit lacking defensively. I'd be thinking much more of younger guys like Mikey Lewis and Harry Smith. The latter has a wonderful in-game range of kicks.
  16. I hope Hastings can recover well. I agree with this assessment. One thing that has stood out to me with his switch to LF is his passing, which I think is better than I've seen from him in years past. He's created several tries with timing and distance of pass. Knowles is ahead of him for 13, and Radley could be shaping as starting 9. I think Hastings on the bench could offer control, although I also like the idea of having a running option who could speed the ruck up, someone like a Daryl Clark. Wishing the poor guy a good recovery.
  17. I've always referred to the female side of sport as being played by ladies. I don't really see any reason to change. Over here in Ireland, the GAA Championship for women is referred to as Ladies' Football. For team sports, I think the term 'LADY' works.
  18. I think this England Ladies team can beat the Kiwi Ferns. Oz are a good bit ahead, but I think England have a marginally better chance of winning the Ladies' WC than they do of winning the Men's one.
  19. I grew up revering great names of the '50s such as Horne, Jackson and Lewthwaite. At most, I've only seen grainy newsreel footage, but people like Phil Jackson are legends of an incredible era for the sport in England. RIP to the ''Prince of Centres''.
  20. Hull to bounce back on the road. Will Smith to grab a brace on debut. Hull 23-18
  21. It's a BIG change. It's going to take a bit of getting used to to see England playing in Blue. Average enough looking jumper, design-wise. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. The worst part is the Betfred logo plastered across the middle. Ewwwww
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