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  1. Even at the end of the roosters contact he won't exactly be old
  2. Young. The more top flight experience the better he will be later. I don't see Eng competing with aus at present with any team so it's not a loss to play him even if he is inconsistent
  3. I got to admit last week v the tigers he was all over the place. Good scores but that sin bin was a farce and getting the skipper to burn the challenge will live on in RL history as the most ridiculous thing ever
  4. I admire the tip but sadly I think we'll fall short. Still should be a good day out
  5. Gotta be honest I thought hastings was lucky to be available this week. Yes it was careless not deliberate but he made head contact and caused an HIA. My view he should miss a week as he caused through foul play a player to miss a week
  6. I'm sure the current wakey side would give tremendous credit to super league in this...........
  7. I'd be interested too see if there is any action against Melbourne. Can't remember the player but hit kikau in the back of the head when he was on the floor. If we are going to penalise head contact accidently in defence you cannot accept it deliberately in attack.
  8. How was the crusher tackle not a sin bin but the hip drop was. Been a shocker all round
  9. Hands on by both players which I think saved him.
  10. It's becoming a problems usually around 20mins.
  11. Try dolphins hammer 39' during sin bin. 12-6 raiders
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