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  1. I'm encouraged by it especially after the disappointment of yesterday. I really do feel though that we need a northern hemisphere 5 nations to capture the imagination and really drive home improvements.
  2. On another thread iv just linked the 8 year RLIF plan and it makes for good reading actually. It finally sounds like we will be getting our acts together in terms of internationals. They want to cement and help fund the top 8 nations until all are competitive. I'd like to see a 5 nations every year mid season with just the northern hemisphere being involved.
  3. I just thought I would post the link here whilst I read it and see if it's going to cover what we need it too.http://www.rlif.com/ignite_docs/RLIF-Strategic%20Plan%202015-2025%2018pp%20LR.pdf
  4. We all know what needs to happen, 5 nations every year, no rule changes, just as many internationals as we can get and stick with the one sided ones. Look at Italy and Argentina in Union. It's not rocket science it just takes backbone and foresight which the current RFL board don't seem to have. All professional clubs act out of self interest so why is the fate of rugby keague in they're hands
  5. The 16's weren't too shabby finishing 3rd so being the best south Cumbrian side. The 14's went unbeaten and we are Competitive at every other age group. All I'm getting at is that we probably aim too low at open age level when you look at the 3 Cumbrian sides sitting in the top half of the Conference premier. Everyone needs a goal.
  6. The game needs these internationals or the game carries on in a downward spiral. I'm a typical sports fan, I'm only truely interested in international sport. We need to be brace and prioritise internationals over club rugby, it's critical we do this now. Let's stick with 5 nations every year, it also makes great financial sense.
  7. We have a very young side coming through and a much larger squad than we have had for a long time, I agree the league is weak but using a little bit of common sense means we don't want to waste another generation like we have in the past by not aiming for higher. Not sure your on the same page as me about our youth, we have always been in the top 2-3 teams in every age group with many of the teams winning Cumbria cups. So what's the yard stick you're measuring it by?
  8. I know I suggested county regionals but I would prefer the suggestion of west and east. My club are looking at joining the Conference, we've always had a great youth but didnt want to travel that much at open age. We are almost being forced into looking at joining because of how the Cumbria league has gone this year. Non fulfilment of fixtures is killing the league, it would probably be good for us but we should be as a club wanting to join whole heartedly the flagship leagues. Previously though the top regional teams have been of equal standard to the top premier leagues teams but recent seasons have seen that to not be the case anymore. So whence why we are looking at re-joining the Conference.
  9. My main reason for writing this is not because I am against travelling it's just that we need a system of fixtures that encompass the county & national cups giving them back the prestige they deserve. i just don't like the way the different administration's work against each other
  10. Some really valid points about the relegation issue and the fact certain teams from Yorkshire & Lancashire might be better than the Cumbrian winning team or maybe not. However the standard of the conference is not getting better, look at the lowering of they're own rules etc never mind the gap in competition in individual leagues. You only have to look at the demise in prestige of the National cup and total cheapening of the county cups to realise that the fixtures and organisations are not positively effecting amateur rugby. We all go on personal experience, my club Barrow Island is one of the strongest teams in Barrow in terms of players and youth etc and we are going through an up cycle that would mean we could go in the conference and compete. However I'm of the opinion that joining the national leagues is a necessity rather than something the lads want to do. Surely our governing body would be better to look at how we can increase playing numbers and enjoyment not stick to a model that doesn't work for everyone.
  11. ONE LEAGUE STRUCTURE FOR AMATEUR RUGBY LEAGUE My view on how we can reinvigorate the amateur game at open age is for the Conference to regionalise underneath the Premier division and merge the local comp's within them. We need to create smaller divisions so that clubs that struggle during the season will finish earlier and teams that have good squads can fight for promotions and cup successes towards the end of the season when traditionally teams struggle that aren't competing for anything. This is an ideal time for the amateur game to come together under one fixture plan • National Premier League as the pinnacle • Cumbria, Lancashire & Yorkshire premier divisions to replace the 1st, 2nd and 3rd conference divisions. • winner of each County premier division gains promotion to the National Premier with the 3 teams relegated from the Premier to they're perspective County premier divisions. •further divisions below each County Premier to allow for promotion and relegation and also differing playing standards. If we have one structure, we can allow for the national cup, county cups and fixtures can be regulated properly. It also lessens travelling, raises standards and rewards teams that are strong and catches teams that are rebuilding. Summer rugby has created many good aspects but the counter fighting between administration's is killing the appetite and success's that we should be reaping. The league structures need to be co-ordinated together from local to National Premier as we are now just working against each other at the moment.
  12. Barrow is cumbria and although we are an hr away from Whitehaven/Workington for us to not be involved in this review is short sighted. We have the same population as west cumbria and get the same attendance on big occasions. The only way a succesful Cumbrian super league side would work is to share the home games between the three towns. If each club was guaranteed 4 home games they would turn into events and similar sell outs could be achieved. The most important thing about a new franchise working is that the fans feel a connection to the club so Cumbria would do that. Barrovians under the age of about 50 feel Cumbrian so why would you ignore that commercial avenue. For the record as well the big World Cup games I would hazard a guess that between 500-1000 were south Cumbrians .
  13. 1. sam tompkins (our best attacking threat) 2. ryan hall 3. michael shenton 4. ryan atkins 5. widdop 6. kevin brown 7. luke robinson 8. adrian morley 9. kevin sinfield 10. stuart fielden 11. gareth ellis 12. sam burgess 13. sean o'loughlin 14. westwood 15. james graham 16. joel tompkins 17. james roby
  14. Adrian Morley he should of got last year, so he must get it this yr.
  15. for me tompkins would be in the top 3 full backs in the world, i wouldnt say hes in the best 3 stand offs in the world. I'd play him there for England, regardless of who we have in the halves.
  16. can we not convince lee briers to turn out for england this yr then if he wants to return to wales no one will bat an eye lid.
  17. the referee spoilt the game yesterday, 10 mins would of been good enough for both players.
  18. lee's gone up in my estimations, hes the type of player you need in your team like a jamie peacock, someone who's willing to do the hard stuff and front up to the opposition. battering ryan bailey has just made him an even better player.
  19. we have been weak in the full back position and tompkins is for me like for like for billy slater, ideally briers would be 6, eastmond 7, o'loughlin 13 and sinfield 9, we couldnt do better than tha. other than that i'd have maguire at 6 when briers say no.
  20. i agree that their should be more transparency on this subject. i personally believe the french game needs a shot in the arm, it might be the amended federation trained rules or it could be Toulouse. The more i think about the press releases over the last year or so about clubs not fulfilling promises on facilities might just open the door on the invitation club.
  21. keep the french test and add a test against the welsh, stick with it and work on getting them more competitive.
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