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  1. Or both indecision and disruption !!
  2. Don't worry. I.m confident we'll do London Skolars at home next year
  3. Agree about the SL forward pass comment. I rarely (as rarely as I can muster) watch super dooper league but when I do I’m astonished by the number of “flat” (in other words forward) passes that go unpunished. It’s seems to be completely different to what goes on in our proper rugby
  4. Agree. Tough 80 minutes that but the lads kept going and defended pretty well in that last quarter when I thought Leigh might cut loose and run it past 70 points.
  5. Could be 16-12 if we’d taken the two for each of those kickable penalties. In fact they might not even be 16 if we’d have gone for the second penalty. Poor game management
  6. Wish him all the best. Big future given the right start me thinks.
  7. Prepare to be amazed. Reckon they were saving em selves for the big one on Sunday.
  8. Theres a world of difference between throwing games and simply not giving 110%. Ned had a good team on his first visit for sure but he had a happy team and he knew how to motivate and encourage. How many games did we just pinch by a few points in those days? That said I don't think these days of short loans and DR help any team integrate and bond as a unit...Winning games would help of course.....
  9. As others have said BSJ rugby isn’t real world and we all know that player power has removed coaches from all a round the world in many different sports. Players know how to get rid of a coach they don’t like or respect. One way is to let your opponents score a try every five minutes. Generally works and did the job nicely this time around.
  10. Wouldn’t do that job for all the tea in …..
  11. Can’t even contemplate starting without Sykes. We tried earlier and we were pants. Don’t care if he’s 61 he stays in until we have someone to replace him ….simples.
  12. I agree squad is/ has been stretched but there have still been some mystifying exclusions. BSJs favourite unfit prop barely got a look in (Aaron Hall). Davey Dixon looked good at FB to me but got one game. Maybe he’s injured too but how would we know?
  13. I don’t think that any of the players have been rank. The one saving grace for me is that they keep trying to play to the best of their abilities. The problem is the style of rugby and the lack of ideas. The ban on offloading remains mystifying to me and the the signing of so many players who the coach obviously doesn’t rate or had dodgy injury history hasn’t helped. Add in a bit of bad luck with injuries to the likes of Turner and there you are.
  14. He can’t be that good. If he was any decent championship club, fighting for survival and lacking half backs would have snapped him up before keighley had a sniff
  15. Give over. If he tries offloading he’ll be back at Bradford before he’s had time to say hello
  16. Thought Davey Dixon did a cracking job at FB a few weeks ago. Is he on our injured list now too?
  17. From what we observe on the field we ain’t got one One of our problem’s imho
  18. Good post. I must confess that my enthusiasm is now at rock bottom and if it wasn't for the fact that I have a season ticket I might even have called it a day. For the first time in ages I was feeling more optimistic this season than I had for a long time but all that has evaporated in a few months. Its not just the losses, since the lads always seem to give 100%, but the style of play and the overall performances which have been sub standard too often. Then we have this lack of information on injuries and whats going on at the club and a perceived acceptance that we can grind this one out as we have the last 5 years. Maybe the Chairman does know what lies ahead but we don't !! And how disappointing to see Chisholm to go to Keighley when we know we are lacking creativity? The fans need some hope! The game doesn't help itself either. The season began in January and we have had 5 home games. How is any team to maintain interest with five games in four months? Another blank weekend this week. Maybe the RL thought half the Championship clubs would still be involved at the Semi Finals stage? LOL...
  19. Have to play Sykes against the likes of London me thinks. We are lost without him. But with Beharrell out fir a while we should be giving Sweeting a good run. He’ll be much needed in Champ 1 next year
  20. Well well. Sweeting finally gets picked and then we have Sykes kicking the goals
  21. It’d do well enough in our league
  22. Apologies. No idea why funny icon was clicked. Most likely my fat thumbs.
  23. Just watched highlights. Hard to work out if Sykes decided in an instant to pass the ball to Knowles for that drop kick or whether it’s a training ground move. Either way it was class we’ve talked about our discipline on here before but Workington must be lamenting theirs. Two points to us for a daft off the ball push when their guy was heading under the sticks and then the high tackle in the last minute that put us in a position to be able to think about a drop goal
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