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  1. Looking at the score from Odsal today we need to be afraid, very afraid
  2. NickD


    He likes to offload...no chance of a place
  3. NickD


    Agree with all those suggestions except maybe Gabriel. def try Greensmith. Looks a big unit.
  4. How is it Rambos job to find this out. If the club have a new MC tradition would dictate he would introduce himself. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. I wasn’t there, but it isn’t the job of individual supporters to determine all these things. In my day the boss would introduce new people not wait for employees to ask
  5. Do we have a captain? We’ve been lacking a leader for some time and although I couldn’t make the match yesterday I observed in the friendlies that we seemed to lack someone who took the lead on the field, both verbally and by example.
  6. It does indeed. I think I might have mentioned it several 100 times already but a season of winning () a few games in league one would be a nice change from crapping yourself all season whilst simultaneously watching the one man stuff.
  7. I don’t care where we finish as long as we provide more entertainment than the last few years.
  8. Agree 100% on the defence. Despite the final scoreline I thought defence looked to have picked up form last year. Can’t agree on half backs though. Thought we improved considerably when a certain 40 year old came on. That can’t be good. Forwards look better mind and Tomlinson looked sharp with a couple of decent offloads. One thing we can put to bed though is that our pitch is too narrow for expansive rugby. We saw that if you have the players and the inclination you can play as much open rugby as you want. Hull KR were electric with the ball. Great friendly for beer takings too. South stand bar must have sold gallons
  9. Can anyone confirm that the South Stand is open tonight? Doesn't say it is but you never know with Dewsbury.....
  10. Stop it. That’s our best move. We’ve been practising it for the last few years
  11. Thought Davey looked pretty solid on defence yesterday.
  12. Too true BSJ. Such a shame we can’t train whoever is doing the Facebook and Twitter feeds to do the website too. That would sort it.
  13. I think you’re saying exactly the same BSJ. You’ve just worded it differently.
  14. Here here. Well said silcoates. My dad and brother both stopped watching in last two years after supporting the club for donkeys and, as you say, they aren’t the only ones.
  15. It’s at Batley. Bizarre. Thought it was our turn.
  16. "has one"...? I have a cupboard full
  17. I hi cares? Everyone on that list would be a better 13 than any we’ve had of late.
  18. We shall be forever fighting over scraps then BSJ, no matter how eloquent dog father put it. If we survive at all of course. we haven’t allowed the game to get an unfashionable image, so don’t blame yourself. That image was there from the very start and the media, in its many guises, have propagated that image at every opportunity. RL is northern and we all know what that means to the mainstream. That won’t change in my lifetime and longer. If tv needs to set a northern scene? Cue the image of terraced houses. in the short term I will not be dissuaded from the point that around Dewsbury £18 is too much for the fare on offer. Sorry.
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