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  1. If you can fly out this Tuesday (Manchester to Beziers) and return on 5th October you can do the trip for £27 (no real luggage, basically an allowance of a pencil case) with Ryanair. Similar flights for a Toulouse based final the week after were £6.42 last week - almost tempted me to book on the off chance.
  2. Seems to have been missed off the radar but the Ladies' team have a Betfred Women’s Super League Shield Semi-final against Bradford this afternoon. The game is also Andrea Dobson's last home game after 13 years with the Club - let's hope it's not her last game in a Rovers shirt!
  3. And the best of luck to Batley.
  4. I suspect that would be flouting the odd copyright law...
  5. Batley website doesn't mention anything about the game being all ticket but there was this yesterday
  6. I would assume so but, Batley v Bradford is all ticket due to a Covid restricted capacity at The Mount.
  7. This is one of yours from before the season start Our starting 17 is good enough for the top 3 in my opinion but we go past that and a few others Personally I would be disappointed if we finish below Widnes and Bradford with the team we have put together. At the moment Id go top 2 of Fev and Toulouse then York, Widnes and Fax making up the five.
  8. Oh dear, still not got the hang of this play off stuff have you? Although as a Dewsbury fan it's not surprising.....
  9. Yes. The only thing I'd confidently predict is that the final won't be in Whitehaven.....
  10. His try on Sunday was very unusual requiring him to run approx 90yards fewer than normal against us....
  11. That's one of the funniest posts I've seen for a while. Without the RFL bending over backward the Bulls would have been long gone.
  12. Edit, seems I've been beaten to the reply to this but it always makes me chuckle that folk not only don't bother to check the rules but have also completely ignored ignored the many postings on the Championship play off format on this very forum
  13. Remember a classmate getting a Sinclair scientific calculator when they came out in '74. Despite having to use reverse Polish notation and occasionally being a bit slow to perform calculations, everyone else in the class were more than a touch jealous. It was a truly remarkable piece of cheap (compared to contemporary kit) 'computer hardware' for its time. My 1st Sinclair kit was a ZX81 that got nicked when the house I lived in got burgled less than a week after I bought it!
  14. I don't see any hate just incredulity in regard to anyone still taking him seriously - I'm struggling to think of any 'exclusive' he's announced that has actually come to fruition. Also his lager fuelled 4 letter word fouled mouth rant against several members of the RFL management a couple of years ago should have seen him barred from acting in any 'official' capacity with regard to the sport of RL for some time. There are reasons why he's not on here or RLFans and has been booted off twitter (I believe) more than once.
  15. Another who seems to spend more time on the treatment table than the pitch.
  16. It'll be quite funny when he resigns Leigh from membership of the RFL in order to take legal action. That will take some time to progress given the current backlog exacerbated by Covid in the legal system.
  17. Great book. These are apt too “Ponder and deliberate before you make a move.” “Anger may in time change to gladness; vexation may be succeeded by content. But a kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought back to life.”
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