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  1. Was trying to work out who it was. I don't want to be nasty but it's like someone who's learned English as their second language.
  2. Why should we change, they're the ones who suck.
  3. I don't want to speak for @Davo5 but I suspect it's not the castle that's silly, it's the aesthetic crime of trying to incorporate it into a playing kit. It looks awful and a mess.
  4. 2007: https://www.c21media.net/news/img-converts-rugby-league-contract/ They did this at least until 2011, possibly later. 2008: https://www.sportindustry.biz/news/img-media-wins-rugby-league-world-cup-deal 2010: IMG to distribute NRL TV rights worldwide 2017: IMG finds Rugby League World Cup a tough sell in New Zealand Meanwhile: https://www.rlwc2021.com/article/194/simon-gresswell-supporting-rlwc2021-for-licensing,-merchandise-and-retail-tender
  5. Samoa's coaching problem solved: Matt Parish Out. Richard Agar In. According to the Yorkshire Evening Post.
  6. Here's something I don't understand - Cas lose Powell, a coach who has clearly led them to over-achieve during his tenure, and replace him with someone most people knew wouldn't do great. Yet somehow they managed to create such a sense of optimism that they sold out the Jungle for their first game. Wire bring in the over-achieving coach whose teams play a decent style to replace a nice guy who bored everyone to tears for four years. Yet Warrington's crowds go down. Perplexing, it can't all be marketing can it?
  7. Their involvement in Rugby League in the past has, at best, been mixed so we'll see how this goes.
  8. The Featherstone-Leeds romance is off Rhinos agree dual registration with Bulls Said Hetherington, "This change has been brought about primarily because Featherstone Rovers no longer have the same need for our emerging players. They have a large and strong squad of their own and are focused on winning promotion to the Betfred Super League this season. “We need our talented young emerging players who aren’t selected to the Rhinos 1st team to be playing at the highest level to aid their development, which is our main priority and this new arrangement with Bradford Bulls and Featherstone Rovers works for us all."
  9. I don't disagree but it did make me smile when he used the same sort of phrasing for the war as for Leeds losing three games: "yeah, they're going through a tough time at the moment".
  10. Surprised Wakey haven't tried to test Fusitu'a yet, he looks nervous to me.
  11. Realistically it's Myler and Bentley plus potentially Holroyd on the bench.
  12. You'll never shift Leeds from tv as long as they are consistently the best rated team - it's those ratings that Sky hand over over £1.8m or whatever it is now to every club in the league for.
  13. You miss the point. Being a Rugby League club, almost any pro sports club, is a loss-making venture. Owning a stadium maximises revenues and in the long run minimises costs. As long as clubs like Wigan have owners who are willing and able to cover the substantial losses they make every year that's fine. But one look at the financial performance of the Big Four shows three who own their stadia who are pretty comfortable and one who doesn't who is really languishing in losses and has a frighteningly weak Balance Sheet.
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