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  1. Super League scouts target players at the under 14 age group. After this there seems to be a big drop off in players wishing to continue to play the game. In my view most of the players are selected are good big ones, they are not interested in the ones who have not at that age developed physically, no matter what talent they have. there may be some milage in the club setting up a development camp for all u14, 15 and 16s for all players not selected for a SL scholarship. At worst this would keep players in the game longer and you never know, you might get one or two make it through to the pro-ranks.
  2. https://twitter.com/MsCityRedGirl/media keep scrolling down. We are about the 4th picture in the 1975 series.
  3. Memories fading, but here is my first attempt. Back Row ??, Wheelan?, Barry Kear, Chris O'Brien?, ??, Mike Elliot, Brian Hughes, Fred Hall, ??. Front Row. Tony Wainright, John Patterson, Kevin Taylor, David Treasure, Martin Murphy, Phil Larder.
  4. Oldham also played Batley at Bloomfield Rd Blackpool.
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