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  1. No, need someone else to chip in with this.
  2. Matt Diskin is the other coach, but I cannot get the other player.
  3. Terry Foggerty, Frank Myler, Terry Clawson, Mick Burke, Paul Deacon and Chris Joynt. Can't get the second coach.
  4. Oldham Wakes, nobody was home.
  5. Remember the announcement when Glen Liddiard scored that first try. "Try scored by A.N.Other, well done young Liddiard".
  6. Good workmanlike performance. But we had the game in the bag and should have gone on to win by a larger margin, but went in to self destruct mode. You cannot afford to give away penalties on their last tackle. Saying that I think the penalty try was an harsh decision, I thought their No 23 still had a chance of getting to him. Thought the ref was OK and did not take any messing from either team.
  7. As long as we get the effort we got against Widnes, I will be happy.
  8. Another positive today was the new bar at the ground. Just what was needed.
  9. Thought pretty similar to LR, but thought the sin binning was very harsh and 12 points were scored while we were down to 12. Was very impressed with Widnes No 6 Danny Craven. Thought he ripped us apart every time he had the ball.
  10. Is it just me that was bewildered by the decision to sin bin Gaz Owen? I honestly thought their player on the ground was not tackled, and therefore there to hit. Tomkins coming in and reacting was what caused the meli.
  11. Thought we still struggled to break them down. Most of the points came in the last ten minutes, when the young Saints side were mentally fatigued. Still glad to see a win, but I am concerned about the weeks ahead.
  12. https://www.google.co.uk/travel/hotels/Toulouse/entity/CgsI2rKw-8bouLfxARAB?g2lb=2502405%2C2502548%2C4208993%2C4254308%2C4258168%2C4260007%2C4270442%2C4274032%2C4285990%2C4289525%2C4291318%2C4296668%2C4301054%2C4305595%2C4308216%2C4313006%2C4315873%2C4317816%2C4317915%2C4324289%2C4329288%2C4329496%2C4332126%2C4270859%2C4284970%2C4291517%2C4292955%2C4316256&hl=en&gl=uk&un=1&q=novotel toulouse&rp=EMuPzqabso7nkQEQ2rKw-8bouLfxARDe3P6OndOR9ZgBOAFAAUgD&ictx=1&ved=2ahUKEwiktv6toovmAhWEonEKHQZHBJ0QvS4wAXoECAsQKw&hrf=CgUIlgEQACIDR0JQKhYKBwjjDxAMGAwSBwjjDxAMGA0YASgAqgExCgIIIRIECC8YARICCA8SAghcEgIIFRICCA0SAghnEgIIXhICCFsSAwiOARICCFoYAqoBBgoCCGIYAKoBCwoCCBISAwibARgBqgEOCgIIFBICCBsSAghSGAGqAQoKAggcEgIIcxgBqgESCgIIERICCCoSAghAEgIIOBgBqgEOCgIILhICCFYSAghLGAGqAQwKAwipARIDCKoBGAGqAQoKAghQEgIITxgBwgECGC-SAQIgAQ&tcfs=EhoaGAoKMjAxOS0xMi0xMhIKMjAxOS0xMi0xM1IA This is where we stayed the last time we played them, the team stayed there as well. The ground is in Blagnac, and is a good taxi ride away.
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