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  1. Outstanding effort today, shame about the result. What the players put in today is the sort of performance that keeps the crowd happy. Yes we would like to win, but if the effort is visible like today it is worth watching. The improvement since McDermot's arrival will surely bring a win soon.
  2. I think the league positions are worked out on percentage of played games won. To accommodate fixtures that cannot be fulfilled.
  3. Reflecting on the game, we gave them three long range scores from our poor last tackle plays. We still managed to finish within four points of them, that was a winnable game. I'm afraid we are distinctly lacking throughout the backs. I would exempt Roberts and Hewitt from that statement on todays performance, but the rest do not seem up to championship standard.
  4. What a difference a week makes. Whitehaven looked out on their backsides just before they scored in the first half. I predicted then we would run away with it in the second half. How wrong can you be.
  5. I thought todays game would be a good indicator of where we will be competing in the league. Batley are a nailed on mid table team. Today told us we will be battling at the bottom again. As for the game we cannot afford to give any that many penalties and repeat sets. Our execution with ball in hand mostly was sloppy.
  6. Thought we looked the best team in the first half, but their half backs made the difference in the game as a whole. They found a weakness down our left channel, and we coughed up possession too easily. We have a real asset in Tyler Dupree, with him and our back row we have some real go forward.
  7. I usually come home from games frustrated with how we have played, or about referee decisions. But watching on OurLeague I have a new gripe. We can forgive commentators getting names wrong occasionally, but this was far too often in this production. Now lets get on to the on screen scoreboard, the only time it was correct was at nil-nil. That being said i enjoyed the game.
  8. For Tessa with affection April 76. EP by The Recreation. https://open.spotify.com/album/2LzvJwEvnQN5NsCyvOp8w8?si=Vf8SJmCZQ_6RuDZB6t_q7g
  9. I think the new kit looks fantastic.
  10. Result. Something that should have never happened.
  11. The come back and win against Hull KR at Old Trafford and the semi final play off win against Hornets at Scotland, which earned us the chance to play Widnes in the final.
  12. With his wife Ginny being the mayor, he is also high profile in the town. I wish him all the best in what he does.
  13. Remember the announcement when Glen Liddiard scored that first try. "Try scored by A.N.Other, well done young Liddiard".
  14. Good workmanlike performance. But we had the game in the bag and should have gone on to win by a larger margin, but went in to self destruct mode. You cannot afford to give away penalties on their last tackle. Saying that I think the penalty try was an harsh decision, I thought their No 23 still had a chance of getting to him. Thought the ref was OK and did not take any messing from either team.
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