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TRL Helpdesk: Fibre ISPs

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My local cabinet is finally getting upgraded to Fibre.  My current ISP is Zen, who seemingly only provide 38/76 mb lines with their phone package, which is of no use to me as I am tied in to a contract.


Is there a particular ISP who's Fibre service is particularly good/reliable, who you would recommend?



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Zen do stand-alone fibre packages, call them up, they'll help you.  They have a few different packages based on your likely usage profile.


The problem with Zen though is that they still have usage caps.  I often found myself hitting right up to the 100GB/month limit with the stuff I do for my work and then having to pay out for more download usage.  I ended up moving back to BT, cutting my monthly bill significantly and I've not had a single problem since


The difference is though that if I have a problem that BT are utterly useless on the support side with helldesk operators in India who will only read off scripts while the Zen lot are a decent bunch of proper techies on their support lines.  I suppose you get what you pay for.

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