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Away travel, the Supporters Club and the Supporters Trust

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The Supporters Club will change its emphasis to providing away travel ONLY. There will be no membership fee but you can keep in contact via crufans@gmail.com and receive away travel udates via email. we will keep the Facebook page running for away travel updates too.

We ask all North Wales Crusaders supporters to consider signing up to the Supporters Trust - this gives supporters a stake in the future of the Club and some influence on financial matters and a say on the Board of Directors.

Currently we have 60 members singed up to the Trust, with the expectation this will increase in 2018 - we already signed another 10 members at the Fans forum on 21st December.

To jon the Trust you need a initial payment of £10 (or more) to buy your stake. Then we ask for £2 a month (or more) to build the Trust fund. The £10 initial stake and £2 monthly payments are the minimum - you can pay more and many members who can aford to do - but we want to make it affordable for all. 

We currently have £3600 banked and are receiving approximately £200 per month. We'd like to increase membership to 300 if possible.

The Trust is totally independent from the Club. The Trust will elect its own Board of Trustees in the next AGM (forecast for Jan/ Feb 2018). The members decide what to spend the money on and vote for their favoured project. The Trust will be guidedby the Club but in the end the Trust members will decide what to spend Trust funds on -it could be infrasructure at Queensway, a players contract, development opportunities for support staff - anything to benefit the club.

If you need more info about the Trust contact me at crust2017@gmail.com


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