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World Club Series - Development/Expansion

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The World Club Series, in my opinion, could be so much better than it currently is.  And so the following knockout tournament will solve this! ?

  • Finalist 1
    • Semi-Final 1: Super-League Champions v Semi-Finalist 1 becomes Finalist 1
      • Quarter-Final 1: NRL Runner-Up v Quarter-Finalist 1 becomes Semi-Finalist 1
        • Qualifier 1: France 1 v North America 1 becomes Quarter-Finalist 1
  • Finalist 2
    • Semi-Final 2: NRL 1 v Semi-Finalist 2 becomes Finalist 2
      • Quarter-Final 1: Super-League Runner-Up v Quarter-Finalist 2 becomes Semi-Finalist 2
        • Qualifier 2: New Zealand 1 v France 2 (or Wales 1) becomes Quarter-Finalist 2

Hopefully you can follow my plan!

The idea being that one nation could host the tournament - potentially at the same ground - playing two fixtures a day:

  • Qualifier 1 and Qualifier 2 (played on a Thursday)
  • Quarter-Final 1 and Quarter-Final 2 (played on a Sunday)
  • Semi-Final 1 and Semi-Final 2 (played on a Wednesday)
  • Final (played on a Saturday)

The tournament therefore lasts 10 days long, consists of teams from 5 or 6 nations, and requires teams to play at most 4 games but more likely just 2 games.  It is greater exposure for the International Club game, involves more teams, and doesn't last too long so should in theory be able to be implemented.

If say New Zealand Warriors, Catalans Dragons, or Toronto WP were in fact to win or be runners up in SL/NRL then they would be bumped up the knockout stages accordingly.

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I do like the idea of this in theory to make the world club challenge more or a world challenge than just England v Australia, however i think it is a few years too early for this. 

If Catalans build on their CC win and Toulouse and Toronto make it to super league (and hold their own there) this could definitely become a reality in 4 or 5 years though.


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