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Joint fundraiser with the RISC

Derwent Park SC

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Here are the ticket numbers for today’s draw. Thank you to those who have purchased one. 
Winner of the draw will receive a phone call from Les Smallwood to see if they can unlock the box to the money, if not it will roll over to next week. Tickets will be on sale again from Monday to Thursday. 

Key to the money tickets


  1. Neil Postlethwaite 
  2. Neil Postlethwaite 
  3. Nichola Postlethwaite 
  4. Nichola Postlethwaite 
  5. Shane Winder
  6. Shane Winder 
  7. Graeme Bates 
  8. Graeme Bates 
  9. Vicki Macdonald 
  10. Lee  Macdonald 
  11. Julie scholey 
  12. Stephen white 
  13. Stephen white 
  14. John Park 
  15. John Park
  16. John Park
  17. John Park
  18. Steven Wallace 
  19. Steven Wallace 
  20. Steven Wallace 
  21. Steven Wallace 
  22. Gary Mckeating 
  23. Gary Mckeating 
  24. Ian McCullough 
  25. Ian McCullough 
  26. Graeme Porter 
  27. Graeme Porter 
  28. Lewis Wright 
  29. Neil Milligan 
  30. Kieran Irving 
  31. Kieran Irving 
  32. Kieran Irving 
  33. Kieran Irving 
  34. Bryan Porter 
  35. Bryan Porter 
  36. Darren wood 
  37. Darren wood 
  38. Jj Berwick 
  39. Stacey Frazer 
  40. Neil Frazer 
  41. Imogen Frazer 
  42. Ethan Frazer 
  43. Les Smallwood
  44. Barry Armstrong 
  45. Joanne Tyson 
  46. Robert Kirkbride 
  47. Stephen Rodney 
  48. John price 
  49. John price 
  50. Chris lamb 
  51. Chris lamb 
  52. Ste Caton 
  53. Mark Surtees 
  54. Miguel
  55. Peter gilmour 
  56. Dom Smallwood 
  57. Snaith ray 
  58. Snaith ray 
  59. Karen Gibson 
  60. Blain Rooney
  61. Ami Rooney 
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‪Tickets are now on sales for this weeks Key To The Money draw. The prize pot currently holds £152.50. All money raised will be spilt between the prize pot, Workington Town and Workington Reds.‬
‪If you are interested and would like to purchase a ticket please get in touch! ‬

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‪Tickets are now on sale for this weeks key to the money draw. ‬
‪There is £352.50 in the prize pot already. ‬
‪Can someone unlock the padlock? Buy a number and find out! #SupportLocal ‬

please contact our Facebook/twitter pages or message 07710642380 

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The prize fund is well over £1000 now, which means over £500 each also raised for each club. 


You have until 8pm to get your ticket. 

£5 per entry.

Contact Scott Graham on 07710642380‬ to secure your entry. 

Thank you Scott and the DPSC & RISC. ??



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‪Key To The Money Week 7! ‬

‪Tickets are now on sale for week 7, you have until 8pm Thursday night to get them.‬

‪The current prize pot stands at a massive £1,537.50‬

‪Can we once again just remind anyone sending via PayPal to send via family and friends! ‬

If anyone would like to purchase a ticket please contact any of our pages or Scott direct on 07710642380

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2 hours ago, Derwent Park SC said:

Please see our social media sites for this weeks draw. Pauline Bowes has just won herself £2,020!! Well done Pauline and thank you everyone who has bought tickets and got involved over the last 7 weeks! 

Well done to you guys and the reds supporters group  for organising it. Great effort again in raising funds for the respective clubs.


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