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    Elliot Hall

    Yea you’re right he is, but just seemed strange putting previous clubs and a compilation video, normally they seem to do that when players are looking for clubs.
  2. Hope I’m reading too much into this, but I see Elliot has put a compilation of his last 3 years on Twitter with a list of previous clubs, town being one. I hope we haven’t seen the last of him as he is one talented youngster.
  3. IanMac


    Would have been great to see Lunty in a town shirt again, but given the current situation, and the uncertainty around what central funding there’ll be after 2021, I think with our current choices at hooker it wouldn’t have been the wisest investment. I really hope that the club are in a position where they can push forward with Chris’s plans for an academy and utilise his undoubted talent at developing and nurturing young players. While next year is obviously going to be very tough with Rochdale, Keighley and Barrow making eye catching signings, and Ottawa coming on board I really think if we can keep the bulk of our squad together, with strengthening in a couple of areas, we’ll do ok. We have got one of the best young coaches around and if, after these unprecedented times, the board and club are still in a position to move forward we will reap the rewards of that coaching ability.
  4. As expected the club will not be taking part in the autumn competition. A very well worded statement highlighting the huge difficulties in trying to navigate through these unprecedented times. I sincerely hope that come 2021 we are able to return to Derwent park and watch a competitive team on the field. Well done to the board of directors and all the volunteers for keeping the club going and a huge shout out to those involved with fundraising particularly Scott Graham and the Derwent park supporters club and the travellers rest supporters club. I’ve got many great memories over the last 55 years supporting the town, hopefully there are many more to come. UTT
  5. Unfortunately I don’t think knowledge or facts will have played a part in any decision that has been made with regard to the stadium.
  6. At least one of the councillors who spoke had done some research. He highlighted the Halliwell Jones Stadium as an example of how to do it because of the nhs and other bodies renting office space. Just as was going to happen with the new stadium. I think narrow minded political self interest has blighted what would have been a tremendous asset for the area. Instead of looking from the outside in at the recent World Cup fixtures we would have been planning for 3 games and the associated economic benefits for the whole area. Given the current situation that would have been an absolute godsend.
  7. I see it’s being reported that Ottawa are wanting to sign Dec for next year. I suppose they’ll have money to splash out, but it would be a real shame if he goes as he won’t have played a single game in his one year as a permanent town player. I really liked the look of him last season and with him Marcus and Blaine we were looking to have really good options.
  8. Unfortunately I’ve just watched the link. Whilst you should never criticise something that you haven’t done yourself, it doesn’t fill me with a great deal of confidence when you see that, not just for progression of the stadium but for everyday vital services. I will be very interested to see what develops with the stadium especially as it appeared from comments made that 2 of those against it last year couldn’t be bothered to meet with a stadium company rep who’d travelled up from Brighton for a meeting re the supposed new sports village. That to me doesn’t sound like a council committed to providing new facilities. I think personal agendas and political conflict will prevent the borough of Allerdale supporting their local teams even though the long term benefits would be there for all to see. I hope I’m wrong.
  9. I think it was on the cards that the season would be finished but I can’t quite understand how the rfl think they can run a comp at all. The costs involved in testing and other protocols would be exactly the same for this as it would have been for the league so can’t really see how that could work for a club like ours. Similarly now that Toronto have pulled out of super league and the challenge cup are they expecting Newcastle, who will presumably get a bye to the quarter finals, to put all procedures in place for potentially 1 game? Given the set of circumstances this year there was never going to be an easy solution but I don’t think this mini comp and the challenge cup have been thought through too well. Let’s hope that with the hardworking directors and staff at our great club we can ride out the current situation and comeback stronger next year. All I know is the start of super league is not going to replace the excitement of match day following your own club. UTT
  10. Really interesting today. Hopefully both clubs can put the town back on the map. It’s clear we’ve both got very astute young coaches who speak really well. Nice to hear Chris talking about team strengthening for 2021 while keeping the vast majority of this years squad. Really need my Derwent Park fix now but can’t really see it being before next year. UTT
  11. Brilliant piece of work. Very evocative, hopefully in the not too distant future we can enjoy the Derwent Park atmosphere again.
  12. Well done to you guys and the reds supporters group for organising it. Great effort again in raising funds for the respective clubs.
  13. Absolutely mate. Unbelievable that some ##### will do that. Everybody is working hard to try to make sure we have a club to go back to with some brilliant fundraising being done and then you get dickheads like that. Hope the damage and loss isn’t too bad. Another great listen this afternoon, well done everybody.
  14. It’s been a brilliant initiative by the club to hold these. Every week has been brilliant and to get guys like jjb, wagga Phil and the rfl reps has varied the content. A big well done to the club and especially Gary McKeating who does an excellent job.
  15. Have we got a live chat this week?
  16. Money transferred. Cheers
  17. Spot on mate. What is the account name for transfer? Cheers
  18. If they are still there put me down for Ray Wilkins, Ian Wright and Charlo, if they’ve gone any will do. I’ll bank transfer 15quid.
  19. Cracking entertainment for an hour. Great to hear from ex town greats like Big Jim and corky but also insights into the club from Chris and the players. What seems to be clear after a few of these chats is the group of players Chris has assembled are very much a tight knit group. Let’s hope that at some point we are able to see them at Derwent park again. Stay safe. UTT
  20. Definitely were mate and to cap it all went on the pop after it, went in an Indian restaurant, had only heard of madras and vindaloo and chose a vindaloo. Took my mind off the defeat for a while?. Great memories to look back on, I wish there were some videos/dvds from games of that era.
  21. There was a flag but it was on the try line, that was the dead ball line hence no flag. Couldn’t believe at the time that try had been given because it looked 100% over the dead ball line.
  22. If this goes on for any length of time, which I think is likely, the face of some sports will be changed beyond belief. The next payment of money from nine and Fox to the nrl is apparently being stopped. Not sure how financially viable Australian rugby league is but overall those 2 companies put apparently 400 million dollars into the sport for broadcasting rights. That’s an awful lot of money and those broadcasters might just have the upper hand when they come to negotiate new contracts which just might be a lot less than they are now. Hopefully we’ll all still be about to watch the sport we love, whatever it’s form, when it’s all sorted. Stay safe everyone.
  23. Might have played in that game myself mate! Can remember playing up on the tops at bransty when town were in the Lancashire cup final in 78 coming off thinking they’d won only to be told Widnes had scored at the death. Didn’t stay for too many pints in Whitehaven that night.
  24. Same for me David, getting taken along by my dad at 6 year old to watch town v St. Helens has turned into 55 years of watching the Town. Many happy memories along the way as well as many struggles but the club have always survived with people pulling together. Even though everybody has there own worries and concerns now there still seems to be plenty of goodwill for the club, long may it last.
  25. Had a similar thought myself, I would have been going to both of the home games over the next couple of weeks and would quite happily still give my admission money to the club if it were to help. I’m also in the process of cancelling sky sports which could also be diverted to the club. I’m well aware that there will be plenty of people affected financially by this whole saga but anybody in a position to help I’m sure would be greatly appreciated.
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