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  1. Just announced that he’s not taking up the 2nd year of his contract due to change in circumstances. A real shame but good luck to him and his family following the awful year they have had.
  2. Would have been good to see him back but to be honest the financial risk would have been too great I think. Barrow seem to have the money so good luck to them.
  3. Yes you’re right David, but having broken that golden rule I was impressed with him running the ball. He had a good upbringing at saints and Wigan so hopefully gets himself fit and has a good year.
  4. Welcome to the club on a permanent deal. I watched some you tube footage of him last season after we got him on loan and he looked a really useful player, ran way above his weight. Look forward to seeing him progress under Chris.
  5. Fair enough mate, don’t remember saying it would keep us in the league but let’s forget about engaging with one of your key stakeholders, obviously a waste of money in your eyes. Last time I looked at the squad we had a few quality players in there and I’m sure after all due processes have been gone through a chairman will be appointed.
  6. As has been said before when there is info to pass on I’m sure the club will do so, as with the new contract with Ellgren and new away shirt, or the Facebook piece re the supporter providing training equipment and help to Jamie Doran and Carl Forber to get coaching qualifications to aid their work with the Workington Town community trust, or Jamie going into the West Cumbria Learning Centre to try and help those that attend as well as sessions at Workington academy. All top quality initiatives that shows the club working with the community which hopefully will benefit both parties. You can concentrate on the negatives if you want, I’ll wait for any info the club put out and just look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.
  7. Well that’s really good of the rfl then! Must make it extremely difficult to plan.
  8. The majority of clubs knew where they were going to be playing in 2022 and with what budget long before we did. That would give them a distinct advantage in squad retention and additions. I don’t think the club got a great deal of benefit, other than goodwill, when they provided webcasts throughout 2020. I don’t think any sporting club would profess to be perfect with liaising with fans but we are certainly a lot better than we used to be. I’m still paying money out to the 200 club and 1945 club because I want to try and support the club become as successful as it can be, not because I want every last bit of information. When there is information and news to release we get told.
  9. Haven’t a clue, I was just going off the photo of the shirt. I agree about myers and bowman but maybe their deal has expired and they’re not renewing.
  10. I see looking on the website we’ve gone with Ellgren for a kit supplier. The alternate shirt is different plus it doesn’t look like myers and bowman are sponsors on the shirt anymore.
  11. Good luck to Blaine but it’s a real shame we didn’t get to see more of him. It was really difficult with having Dec and Matty last year and no doubt he wants to be playing every week. One thing that stood out for me was every time Chris mentioned him he praised him for his attitude and dedication to training, it can’t have been easy travelling up 3 times a week and more often than not not playing on a Sunday. Good luck Blaine and thanks for your efforts.
  12. I thought he developed really well through the season and looks to have plenty of potential. Pleased to see him back on board, he’s only going to get better with more experience. UTT
  13. That’s a real good signing. Don’t think he’ll have any trouble adapting to the championship.
  14. Think you’re a bit off the mark with 5, with existing contracts and new signings it’ll be 17.
  15. When you see that fixture list you realise what a hard season it’s going to be, but really looking forward to it. Let’s hope we have a relatively injury free year and do ourselves justice which I’m sure we will. 4 wins in the first 4 will put the cat among the pigeons.
  16. He really developed into the team last season and played a big part in our promotion. Defensively I thought he was excellent, scored tries and gave his wingers some good service. Welcome back on board. UTT
  17. To be honest if both clubs want to be in a position to compete in the championship, and Haven did remarkably well last year, we are going to have to be in a position where there’s a bit of investment in players. As long as that is done within the financial capabilities of each club it’s irrelevant what has been paid for him. We will have wasted more money on travellers coming for a final pay day and imports like Fifita. This is a young Cumbrian who has the potential to be an excellent acquisition and fits with Chris Thorman’s long term plan for the club of building a mainly local based team. Hopefully it turns out to be an excellent bit of business by the club.
  18. That’s an excellent signing. While we were always going to be signing out of county players it’s brilliant that Chris’s ethos on signing the best local talent is continuing. UTT
  19. Welcome to the town! Not somebody I know a great deal about but obviously very well thought of at Newcastle. Reading the article about when he finished there, they tried to work out a way of tying in his job with full time rugby for next year but couldn’t get anything sorted. Hope he goes well. UTT
  20. Welcome to the club Alex! Certainly knows where the tryline is, hopefully gets a few next year. UTT
  21. I see there won’t be any change to the structure until 2024, normal promotion and relegation for 2022 and 2023.
  22. Yes just had a look on companies house and I see both Malcom Allison and Tom McKeating have left the board. Not sure if that was announced at the presentation night but they both deserve thanks for helping to steer the club through the last couple of years. The board have obviously done some sterling work, none more so than getting Chris on a long term contract, hopefully any new members will continue in the same manner.
  23. I loved watching Sammut when he was here last time but he’s 34 and would take a huge chunk of any money available. Not sure that that’s the way to go but if Barrow have got the budget good luck to them.
  24. Pleased to see young Ethan Bickerdike get recognition, I think we’ve got a cracking player there who will only improve. Well done to all the winners. Bring on next year! UTT
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