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Championship bid

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Hornets have submitted their 2021 Championship bid, while the top brass and supporters are excited about this I can't help feeling this is bad for the club. The 2019 season seems to have slipped peoples minds and although I will admit this is a different squad it hasn't had time to mesh together on the field (something that league 1 would give us), not to mention the team that goes up will find it harder then any club from league 1 has.

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Certainly, our new set-up is ambitious and have a put together, potentially, a very good squad which may need ‘tweaking’ were we given the nod for the Championship.  Pecking order from final 2019 Championship positions would give Barrow a reprieve, but I suspect that Newcastle will be chosen.  My worry (and I guess club owners/fans too) is the few clubs that will remain in League 1 and how the RFL will address and sustain this and not just for 2021 and Ottawa or Serbia!  Of course, much will depend also on the largesse or not from the Super League pot of Sky £’s.

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The Championship will be a hell of a tough competition next year and The Lad makes a good point. You can put the best players in the world in a team and they may not ''Gel together''.   My personal opinion is that the team will go well in whatever comp it starts in.

 Which ever way the bid goes it will be an exciting centenary season for the Hornets lets all get on board and enjoy the ride !

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