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Fouad Yaha and Frances Backs.

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3 hours ago, audois said:

The problem is always the Pacific Islands sides now full of NRL talent

This is so True. I looked on Wiki and about 100 NRL players are Eligible for Samoa so if they dont play for OZ or NZ there is a massive pool of potential Players for Samoa.

France as much as I would love to see it would have to pull off a huge upset. They would need to have the game of their lives and Samoa have an off day.

 RL is a very efficient game, ie best team tends to win due to the scoring system and way possession is distributed. Harder than in Union to see an Upset IMO as how do you run down the clock in RL?

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2 hours ago, Lowdesert said:


Et voila....  1st half France v Samoa 2013

Thanks for the memory, Lowdesert.  It's good to be reminded that it's not just Sky commentators who can make an absolute pig's ear of French surnames!

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On 04/04/2021 at 20:51, Old Frightful said:

Who is "Frances Backs"? 🤔

Ah - the power of punctuation.  Young folk today think it isn't important.   But it is.

"We'll sell you a seat .... but you'll only need the edge of it!"

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On 04/04/2021 at 15:51, Old Frightful said:

Who is "Frances Backs"? 🤔

Frances Backs is the wife of Arf Backs, a Dutch rugby league icon now living in a dilapidated council estate in the western portion of Leigh. He is one of the many casualties of Brexit.

According to the tabloids Frances is a good looking lass, who got bored with her hubby and had an affair with Fouad Yaha. Hence the tantalising thread title. 

They say that Frances Backs is always up for a good cous cous.

However none of this sordid business should have brought into the public arena by "Southerner80." Poor taste really.

Edited by Manfred Mann
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