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Wigan should replace Hastings with Shaun Johnson

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On 07/05/2021 at 15:36, The Frying Scotsman said:

I absolutely agree with your post Manfred, but I do have to ask:

Can he not get lobster (and other luxuries) in England?

he can get crabs

did the bloke who invented the phrase "one hit wonder" invent anything else?

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I have no idea why the idea of Wigan signing Shaun Johnson has been met with so much resistance.  He has been a world class player and still is when he is on form.  He is only 30 years old and a

Johnson was credited with more try assists than anyone in the NRL last year, despite playing for the Sharks and suffering a season ending injury with about 5 games remaining. He was excellent last yea

I never understand comments like this. I am at a loss to understand what you think you are achieving by pretending not to know who Shaun Johnson is.

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