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Gareth Walker looks at an intriguing run-in for the third tier

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1 minute ago, Manx RL said:

Fans will be turning out in their tens of tens to soak up the drama

Crowds have been highen in League 1 then many championship games. If Workington, Barrow or Crews are at home in the playoff final the crowd will be good. 

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Good article, but I was hoping he would go into the calculations on what results will mean on the table, but he wold probably need a maths genius to help him...

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Been a great season and anyone down to 8th could yet get promoted. Come the end of the season everyone involved in every club deserves a huge pat on the back. When you consider that clubs had no fans, no revenue and likely lost money on OurLeague then they've done remarkably well to make it such a season to remember. 

If it's the last season of league 1 as we know it's sure gone out with a bang 


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Id rather watch a league one game than so called super league , which is doing pretty much zero for me nowadays in general terms

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