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Ticket info for those going the Toulouse game

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I thought I'd start this as a separate thread to the game thread it's self that MLP has started.

Firstly you can buy tickets for the game here: https://billetterie.to13.com/fr/meeting/311/finale/stade-ernest-wallon-toulouse/10-10-2021/19h00?fbclid=IwAR2W5LWEPjREIBwYZe9ZPcL7bHtWwXiPldUpUXO0_Cd3s97Dl2L80kfRvvg

You click on the area of the ground you want to buy tickets for. Currently there are only two stands open, East and West. Tickets for the East stand are 9 euro and tickets for the West stand 18 euro. We have bought tickets for the East stand near gate 11 (Porte 11). Hope some of you can join us in this area so we can make some noise together.


Some things to look out for when buying tickets:

The options for reduced ticket prices (4 euro and 1 Euro in the east stand) are based on the following criteria:

(1): rate reserved for students, high school students, disabled people and job seekers - on presentation of proof on the day of the match at the entrance to the stadium

(2): proof will be requested from the ticket holder at each access control in the stadium (Children 6-16). The children under 6 years old do not have an appointed place in the stadium. If necessary, the parents should keep the child on their knees. 

Under 6 can get in for free but you have to contact the club.

When you register the French for UK is "Royaume-Uni" - hopefully will reduce your search time for the country, it took me a while.

I had an issue when trying to get to the payment page. To achieve this I had to change the language setting back to French (I was using google translate to English). After switching back to French then on the basket page the button bottom right changed to "Checkout" which when clicked on allowed me to go pay.


Hope to see as many of you in Toulouse as can make the trip.


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I'm sure I'll think of something funny to say soon.

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Rovers have put a post out that they will be posting shortly about ticket info and other stuff 

Im Fev and im proud

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Hi Maureen,

it’s good to see the club putting some information out, but having read the details it doesn’t give anymore details than those post on FB or here.

it would be good for all the Fev fans to buy tickets for the same section if we could organise it that way.

I'm sure I'll think of something funny to say soon.

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