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  1. MATCH REVIEW PANEL | Connor Jones has received a two match ban for a dangerous throw. The ban will take effect from next week. #UTR | #BlueWall
  2. May he rest in peace, that is all.
  3. The circled bit is where I’ve bought my tickets from RFL, Fev fans are in the seats on the left
  4. I’m fine thanks!!!! you too
  5. It was after I’d been to game
  6. I’ve stayed in your establishment before for the weekend
  7. I’m hoping they do it in a polo shirt because I don’t like the heavier material of the shirts
  8. I agree, the whole game looked far better than I thought it was when watching it back on television.
  9. Colin you don’t need Twitter it’s also posted on the Official Featherstone Rovers page and Fans page
  10. Very sad news, condolences to his family and friends
  11. No idea on that, but like I said it makes sense to let our players not getting game time to play elsewhere, it’s hurting no one.
  12. It was announced that our dual reg had come to an end with Leeds
  13. Think we should be grateful that we are in a position to be able to do this and give players some game time. No different to when we were borrowing players prior to this season
  14. It’s now the same day as Pontefract races, I’ve my Grandsons christening too this day and it was chosen because we’d no game originally
  15. And another changed fixture FIXTURE CHANGE | York Our home fixture against York City Knights RLFC has been moved to Sunday 24th July. 3PM 24 July #UTR | #BlueWall
  16. At least the players get an extra days rest for the Bulls game now because we play Newcastle away on Thursday 2nd June
  17. We don’t play whilst Sunday afternoon Colin
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