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Superbowl Competition Draft Questions

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I'll be running a Superbowl  Comp the prize is the new Nike Florio book to be released in March.

These are the quesstions if anybody wants to add or amend please feel free. I'll post what is  agreed someday next week as game isn't until 13th February. 

1. What team will win the Superbowl ?

2.How will the first points be scored ? Touchdown,  Field Goal , Safety

3. Will a punt or field goal be blocked and returned for an interception ?

4.Will a kick-off or quarterback interception be returned for an touchdown ?

5.Will a quarterback pass for 300+ yards ?

6. Will any player rush for 100+ yards ?

7. Name the player who scores the first Touchdown

8.Who will be awarded the MVP of the game.

Tiebreaker. Without exceeding the total number of points scored.  What will be the combined total of points. 

If anybody would like to add or amend any of the above just post and I'll run it by the committee.


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54 minutes ago, voteronniegibbs said:

I'm very late to the tipping comp........... evidently.

Is there room for a glory hunting late comer to have a punt at this ??


Great questions btw

Yes this is separate from the main competition anyone can enter.

As I said above I'll post the  comp someday next week on a new thread.

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