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Remaining Torment


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Nowt else to do 'cause of the heat, I've looked at what torment is left this season.

West Wales, away, you'd think it must be a win; Crusaders, home, slaughtered; Midland, away, scrape a two point win; London, home, going mad a second win on the trot; Cornwall, away, would you believe it's a 1pm kick off! Stops me from going, this could be a third win but the last for this season; Swinton, away, slaughtered and thankfully the last game of this horrendous season, Hunslet, home, well and truly battered.

Looking at the three home games, the attendances will be low bringing little revenue in with four away games, including the expensive flight down to Cornwall will eat up all, and more, of the stashed cash for next season.

What started off with lots of hope, remember the 22 all at Hunslet after being well in front! Sadly, things have gone disastrously wrong since then.

The end can't come soon enough.

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