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Huddersfield Giants star Will Pryce to leave Super League side at the end of the 2023 season

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I always love the way these SL players can have a "confirmed move to the NRL" but not to any specific club. It's almost as though the NRL has a registration category for "random blokes whose agents are trying to talk them up."

I guess there are 3  possibilities:

1. He has already signed but either party doesn't want to announce it yet. Seems unlikely since NRL clubs are never squeamish or tactful about announcing player signings. Likewise Hudds and their fans know he's leaving so why would they care which foreign club he's going to.

2. At least one club has offered to sit down and sign on the dotted line immediately.

3. A "big" club, like Storm or Chooks, has been so enthusiastic that his agent is convinced he will get a run somewhere in the NRL.

I don't know the answer in this specific case but option 3 would be a reasonable assessment by his agent. I don't know how much any SL player gets paid but a straight arithmetical average in NRL is about 211K GBP. If there had been any serious interest from a "big" NRL club then the player should easily get that and more at Wests, Dolphins, Titans.

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