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The salary cap must be changed/scrapped to stop the Super League exodus to the NRL following reports of Wakefield Trinity star Lewis Murphy’s exit

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If the cap is suddenly detrimental in all likelihood it alway has been!

The question is could it be increased enough to make the difference?

A secondary issue is would it simply make some clubs unable to compete for players whilst making some squads huge?

There is a huge assumption that any increase would be used entirely for player retention against NRL incursions.

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I presume the SL salary cap is set at what the sport can afford.

My frustration is that there appears to be no compensation for the clubs which have developed the players.

If at this moment in time the Aussie game is financially a lot better off than ourselves then we can't blame the players for going. However there should be a transfer fee going to the clubs to help pay for future development.

Ultimately the challengeis to bring more money into the sport in this country.

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