Gale eager to build new left edge

Luke Gale insists Castleford will re-build the left-side attack using the same methods that made them the most feared edge in Super League.

The Albert Goldthorpe Medal winner was part of a formidable left edge last season that saw the England international orchestrate a staggering 46 tries.

Alongside Gale on the left flank was Denny Solomona, who has now departed for Sale, while the retired Luke Dorn constantly added strike from fullback.

Gale is now back in pre-season and working on new combinations, with the likes of Zak Hardaker and Greg Eden coming in to replace the outgoing stars.

Although the England international is now working with different personnel, he’s confident that he can put together another combination that will strike fear into opponents.

“Shenny played the year before and we did pretty well then,” Gale said.

“We’ll have a new winger, but Denny missed quite a few games last year. It is a different edge, but we’ll still work on the things that made us good last year. We’re looking forward to the season ahead.”

It remains unclear who will replace Dorn at fullback, with Hardaker and Eden vying for the number one jersey. Gale admitted that whoever replaces the Australian will have a big task on their hands.

“I don’t think you can replace him, can you?

“Zak is a different player, probably a bit more of a defensive fullback, one of the best defensive fullbacks in the game.

“They’re both good players, but Zak was a Man of Steel fullback, so we have an able replacement, put it that way, and he’s looking well in training. But as I say, replacing Dorny, I don’t think you quite can. It’ll take a bit away from us game but will add in different areas as well.”