Green offers 50% partnership for fans to build Odsal terrace roof

Bradford Bulls chairman Marc Green has admitted that the cost of erecting a roof on Bradford’s ‘Northern Terrace’ is not as expensive as first thought – and if fans raise half the money, he’ll contribute the other half.

Green estimates that it will cost in the region of £350,000 to build a terrace down the side at Odsal, and has offered fans a partnership system by where they raise half of the capital, and Green will inject the other half immediately.

He insists that the club will not take the money until it has been raised, by which time he will top up the rest of the required fund to make the fee.

“We’ve actually gone out to the market and got some quotes for putting a roof on the terrace,” he told the club’s Bulls TV channel.

“It’s not going to be as expensive as we perceived, with the quotes I’ve been given about £350,000.

“My proposal to supporters is this – I’ll pay for half if you pay for half.

“That’s called a partnership and I’m going to invite one or two of you to set up a quango, raise the money yourselves, keep it and at the point that you’ve got your half, I’ll match it with our half.

“Together we will then bring in the contractor to deliver it.”