Halifax still hold ambitions to become full-time

Halifax head coach Richard Marshall has confirmed that the club still wishes to turn full-time in the future.

The Championship part-timers have held aspirations to make their playing squad full-time ever since making the Qualifiers in 2015.

Marshall admitted last year that a second consecutive top four finish could result in the club being financially secure enough to make the transition, but their sixth-placed return and subsequent financial troubles put those plans on hold.

Although the Fax chief admitted that they aren’t likely to turn full-time next season, the club still wants to join the ever-growing number of clubs training in a full-time capacity in the Championship.

“There are probably three or four full-time teams, it’s turning into a mini Super League. We want to be one of those clubs soon too,” he told TotalRL.

“I’m not sure about going full-time yet. It depends on where you finish in the eights. We finished very good in 2015 but still had some problems financially. We didn’t manage our money very well at all.

“But we’ve managed the squad better and we want to be in the four, so we get the finances and keep the reserve grade. I’m big on the development of juniors around Halifax, I’ve always gone on record saying that. We run a reserve grade, we try to produce and develop our own and we wouldn’t be where we are at the moment without a reserve grade, as five members of our squad came through our junior setup, without them we’d have a squad of 19 and need to find other ways to invest.

“We want to be in the four for the finances, the good of the club and the vibe around the town. If we do that we can also look at the long-term development of the club.”